Results database to be closed

The results database will be closed unless someone (or more than one) steps forward to become a results administrator!
Wyn Morgan and Sioned Morgan (no relation), our hard-working results administrators, are both unable to continue on a regular basis due to work commitments. This means that there will be NO further results added to the database (except handicap, club champs and LFotM5k) unless someone is prepared to take over this important job. Can you help?

Mostly you'll be responding to emails, downloading excel/pdf/text files from websites, turning them into CSVs, and uploading them into our database via our website. It's not difficult, but it does require a regular commitment - every week as much as possible - of a couple of hours or so.

To help, you'll need to:

- be on the egroup
- have a broadband internet connection
- be a regular (daily) internet/email user
- understand what a CSV and a PDF are
- have excel (or equivalent) and acrobat on your PC/Mac
- have basic competence with excel, CSVs and a text editor
- be proactive
- have good attention to detail
- be able to spare a couple of hours a week on average, mostly on Sunday/Monday

Including my travel time and everything else, it's going to take *me* at least 3 or 4 hours to teach someone all they need to know to do this so I'd also like to add "be able to commit to 6 months or more in the role with reasonable confidence" so I don't waste my time! I'm sure you can understand that :-)

PLEASE step forward and help your club - this is one of the key jobs that make our club and website so special!

Submitted: 4 March 2008