Vanessa Fawcett one of the winning UK team in adventure challenge

This year's Discovery Channel adventure challenge was held in the Austrian alps and won by a British team including Vanessa.
In Vanessa's words:

"This weekend I was in Austria competing
with two guys I hadn't met in Discovery Channel Adventure Challenge.

The race was made up of teams of three, 2 men one women, set in the Alps
and combined 40km of mountain biking/hill running, canyoning (amazing
experience!), rappelling (off a 70ft viaduct into a river below), rock
climbing and rafting! There were 86 teams from 10 countries and the
competition was intense with the Danes having won for the past 7yrs. I am
so sore and stiff today that I can hardly walk BUT the great news is that
we won!! A GB win was hugely exciting and I really can't believe that we
managed to win, with a lead of 20mins. Our prize is £300 worth of Ipod
speakers AND a free all paid for long weekend in Europe! Not bad!!"

Submitted: 17 October 2007