BTF Awards for Triathlon Volunteers - Nominations Open

Show your appreciation to the Serpie coaches and volunteers that organise tri training, events, and support the sport within our club
The British Triathlon Federation is now taking nominations for coaches, clubs, events, and volunteers that London club members think have made a significant contribution to supporting triathlon.

See below and on the BTF website for information on how to nominate; you have to register on the website but this only takes a minute.

If you want to nominate an individual person you have to write about why they deserve the award, and they have to be registered as a volunteer on the website (a v.quick process) or have BTA coaching qualifications, so check with the person first.

If you think someone should be nominated but can’t or don’t want to either speak to them directly or go through the online registration, then you can send your nomination to me ( and I will ensure that any suggestions sent to me by Sunday September 23 are put forward to the BTF.

Following nominations, an online voting procesds will begin in October.

British Triathlon Federation Annual Awards Nominations have now opened.

The London region has launched the regional nomination process on the Triathlon London website and would like to encourage all London club members to vote for who they believe are worthy in each of the following 6 categories:

* Volunteer of the Year
* Young Volunteer of the Year (14-25 years)
* Official of the Year
* Coach of the Year
* Club of the Year
* Event of the Year

All nominees will have shown dedication and commitment to their role, no matter how big or small, and have been active in the last 12 months.

Volunteer nominees need to be registered British Triathlon volunteers (they can register here:, and Official and Coach nominations should hold current British Triathlon qualifications and membership.

The closing date for nominations is Monday 24th September.

The British Triathlon Federation Awards Scheme is designed to recognise the contributions and efforts provided by our volunteers who's hard work, dedication and commitment keeps the sport running as smoothly as it does today – so please log on and nominate today!

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Submitted: 29 August 2007