Serpie women 10th at Clumber Park

Four women's teams raced for us at the ERRA National 4 Stage Road Relays yesterday, which were held at Clumber Park after problems at the usual venue of Sutton Park prevented the race taking place there. There's a video of the highlights of the day here.

Picture from Serpie women 10th at Clumber Park

For the first time ever we had four teams racing at the nationals, which is a reflection of the strength of our women's squad under the leadership of captain Vic Crawford.

Andrea Clement led the A team off to a great start by winning the first leg, and recording the 5th fastest time of the day (11:29) over the 4k course. Sarah Pemberton, Vic Crawford and Becky Glover were runners 2, 3 and 4, and the team finished in 10th overall.

The B team of Helen Winsor, Genevieve Bourke, Helen Ward and Rebekah MacKay finished in 19th, closely followed by our C team of Amy Cope, Sam Ludlow Taylor, Ilona Bagi and Grace Kimble in 25th. The D team (we were the only club with a D team) of Grace Wu, Caroline Ringrow, Mary Egundebi and Steph Vaatz, finished 37th.

I'd like to thank coach Andy Robbins for sorting out the travel arrangements and for supporting on the day.

Submitted: 14 October 2012