6&4 Stage Road Relays - Sign-up now open!

The 6 and 4 Stage Relays mark the transition between the track and X-country seasons and are a great opportunity to run for your club, support your team mates and enjoy a Serpie trip out of London, paid for by the club.

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These relays have a great tradition, with the likes of Mo Farah representing their clubs in recent years, and offer the chance to run against some of the best athletes in the country.  However we will be entering a number of teams, so don't be put off because you think you are too slow.  At present, we are not too bothered about ability: teams will be selected based on speed, but we can register as many teams as we want for the Southerns, so please put your name down if interested and we will work it out later on.

The Southerns (for seniors and vets) take place on Saturday 20th September (women) and Sunday 21st September (men) and the ERRA Nationals on Saturday 4th October (seniors only - the vets nationals are only in May of each year).  The men need to qualify for the Nationals at the Southerns by finishing in the top 25, whereas the women qualify for Nationals automaticallyWe hope you will sign up for both, but if you are only able to make one or other, you will still be welcome to race. All travel and entries for both relays are fully funded by the Club. Full details below:


  • Venue: Rushmore Arena, Aldershot
  • Dates and Timing:
    • Senior and veteran women (40+): 3:55pm on Saturday 20th September
    • Veteran men (40+, 50+, 60+): 12:30pm on Sunday 21st September 
    • Senior men: 2:30pm on Sunday 21st September
    • Expect to be out most of the day once travel time there and back is included. We usually go for a drink once back in London to celebrate.
  • Distance: Senior and veteran women 4 x 3.85km; Senior men 6 x 6km; Veteran men 4 x 6km


  • Venue: Sutton Park, Sutton Coldfield
  • Dates and Timing:
    • Senior men 1:30pm; Senior women 12noon; both on 4th October (no vets)
    • This will take all day once travel time there and back is included. Again there will be celebrations - in the pub at Sutton Coldfield and on the train home!
  • Distance: Senior women 4 x 4.3km; Senior men 6 x 5.85km

Sign up now!

If you want to be part of this years event, here's what you need to do:

  1. You must be a FIRST claim member.
  2. You must be registered with England Athletics. Follow the link to do this via Serpiebase if you haven't paid this year.
  3. Sign up here Click on the relevant link on the right hand side - Men 6 stage (+Male Vets), Women 4 stage (+Female Vets)
  4. Enter your predicted 5k time.
  5. In the comments you can add any notes regarding injuries you are recovering from / whether or not you mind running for an incomplete team etc. If you qualify for the vets teams, then if you'd like to run for them.
  6. Choose whether you can make just the SEAA Southern Relay, just the ERRA National Relay or Both.

Note: By signing up you are committing to take part, bar injury or unforeseen events, not just showing interest. If you pull out with no good reason you will be letting your team-mates down.

Serpentine has a recent history of some great individual and team performances at these relays and hopefully this year will be no exception, so we look forward to seeing as many names as possible, both old and new, on the list.

And remember that to be part of the Club's occasional free team entry to the likes of the BUPA 10k your chances are much improved if you represent the Club in these relays.

For further information please check the website above, then contact:


Lisa, Jo, Tom, Ian and Nick

Submitted: 12 August 2014