Funding help requested to replace Tom Hogshead trophy

Our historical Tom Hogshead trophy has suffered a case of misadventure and we'd really like to replace it with another one that is as beautiful as the original

We estimate that the total cost of replacing the trophy and re-engraving its previous roll of honour will cost around £700.

As many in the club know, the Tom Hogshead trophy is awarded to the annual top points scorer in the Serpentine handicap series of races throughout the year. These races date back more than 30 years and competition for the Tom Hogshead trophy is friendly but fierce. You can read more about our monthly handicap race here

We are asking for donations towards a replacement, which we are arranging via crowdfunder. Any donations, large or small, from Serpies and non-Serpies, will be very welcome.

As a one off added incentive for any Serpentine member who is prepared to donate £50, we will allow them to participate in this year's New Year's Day 10k. Currently Serpentine members are barred from entry except for under exceptional circumstances, so this is a great chance to run in our chip-timed 10k race in Hyde Park to start the new year off with a bang.

You can donate to our crowd funding project here

We very much hope a few people are willing and able to help us replace the Tom Hogshead trophy.

If you have any questions, please contact
Peter Holmes

Submitted: 7 December 2015