Serpentine results service

We now have a second results administrator to help Wyn Morgan.
I like to think that the Serpentine results database (RDB) system is the best club race results system on the internet (I am biased of course) but there are always things to improve. Serpie Mel Pryke contacted me a couple of weeks ago and said "results are sometimes slow to be added - perhaps the results person is busy so can I help?" The answer, of course, was "yes!", so after an hour or so of training today in the cafe, we now have a second results administrator to help Wyn Morgan during those periods on Sunday and Monday after lots of races.

Thanks a lot to Mel for volunteering. If YOU think there's something that could be done better, how about doing what Mel did and volunteering to fix it?

For the new members reading this and maybe some of you older ones that have forgotten, here's a results database summary:

The RDB holds all of our results - road running, cross-country, fell, triathlon, duathlon, aquathlon, track and field, even cycling and swimming if you want!

You get your own results summary page here:

Send your results for everything except T&F to and send your T&F results to

You'll find that major races are added for you before you get the chance to ask Mel & Wyn, and for minor races we'll often just set it up so that you can add your own result here:

Note that for multi-sport races we don't store splits (yet) but this feature may be added in future if we get someone to write the code!

Further info.

Submitted: 7 April 2007