Free 45 minute 'Mindful Running and Flow' online workshop

We have received the following invitation to Serpentine members who would like to join a free 45-minute online workshop on "Mindful Running and Flow" hosted by Tomasz Drybala (biography in the link below), on either September 7th or September 9th.

Per the organiser: "Our workshop is a neuroscience-based program teaching how to unlock hyper-focus, get into the flow, and hold it comfortably throughout the day to achieve peak performance in the workplace and everyday life. In this 45-minute workshop, Tom will give you a simple understanding of neuroscience-backed tools to practice mindful running and deal with two of the biggest flow-blockers: stress and lack of motivation. Practising mindfulness while you run will make you more aware of your body, breath, and surroundings. It will help you to achieve a state of flow or total immersion. By freeing yourself from the distractions of your mind, you can experience less stress during your runs, enhance your performance, and even prevent injury. Running is notoriously difficult. But mindful running can help a runner to fully immerse themselves in the experience of running, regardless of their mood, energy level, or physicality, and find enjoyment in the activity."

You may register using the link here.

Mark Smith (

Submitted: 29 August 2021