Club Championship 10k – race change

Our club championship 10k race has been changed to the Sri Chinmoy/Run and Become competition in Battersea Park on Saturday, 23 October.  Click above for more information.

As you probably know, we had planned to use the Middlesex 10k (19 September) for the Serpentine 10k Championship.  It’s a race where Serpentine is very involved with the organisation alongside Victoria Park Harriers.  Sadly, it’s proved impossible to arrange an event licence with Tower Hamlets Council and yesterday the decision was taken to cancel the race.

It will be a pity not to have a club championship 10k race this year.  We can't use our forthcoming Summer League race because of the low race limit.  However, Sri Chinmoy/Run and Become will be holding one of their 10k's in Battersea Park on Saturday, 23 October and after considering various alternatives, your committee has settled on this for our Championship race.  It's an early start at 8.30am, but Battersea Park is easy to get to.

Race information is on and entries are open at  

I’ll be at the race and I hope you’ll join me,

Malcolm French –  

Submitted: 12 August 2021