2021 5k club champs and Grand Prix results

The Serpie Grand Prix finished over 2 weeks ago and we apologise for the belated announcement of the results, but here they are!

5K Club Champs

On Thursday 22nd July over 60 Serpies took part in the 5k club champs, the fourth and final race in the Grand Prix race series.

In the 5k, Anna Hollingsworth (18:19) won the women’s race, Martin O'Connell the men’s race (15:51) and Andrew Reeves (86.3%) won the age-graded competition. Results are on the club website here.

Grand Prix Series

In the Grand Prix series (covering the 1k, 1m, 3000m and 5k races over the last month) Victoria Crawford won the women’s competition, Hugh Torry the men’s and Hugh also won the age-graded competition.
To qualify, people needed to complete all four races. Only five people managed to do this and the age graded positions were:-

Hugh Torry - average 83.4%
Karen Hancock - average 77.6%
Victoria Crawford - average 77.2%
Tim Powell - average 77.2%
Alex Malzer - average 56.2%

For the non age-graded overall champions, we used the system we use in cross country with the first person home scoring 1 point, the second 2 points, etc., with the person with the lowest score winning. On this basis the results were:-

Victoria Crawford - 8 points
Karen Hancock - 48 points

Hugh Torry - 6 points
Tim Powell - 11 points
Alex Malzer - 86 points

Congratulations to all our winners, and thank you to all our volunteers. We hope that everyone enjoyed taking part.
The next club championship race is the half-marathon in Maidenhead on 5 September, followed by the Middlesex 10k on 19 September (subject to Tower Hamlets Council issuing an event licence). Entries for the Half Marathon are still open and more information is on the club champs section of the club website here.

The marathon club championship race is a virtual race i.e. it covers all recognised marathons and not one particular race, and covers the whole of 2021, so it is still possible to take part in that . There is also an age-graded championship covering all our road and Grand Prix championship races, for which we’ll announce the winners at the end of the year.

Karen Hancock

Submitted: 9 August 2021