Nutrition and Hydration Offers for Serpies!

Following our webinar in mid June by three presenters representing their nutrition and hydration companies, we are glad to announce that they are offering discounts on their products!  Also for those who missed the webinar, here’s a recording of the event.


Flow Bio

Sweat is data - marrying electrochemical sensors with miniaturised electronics to build the future of human performance wearables.

Flow Bio is combining physiology, microfluidics, miniaturised electronics and electrochemical engineering to build the world’s first biosensing platform. The FLOWPATCH is a non-invasive wearable which when worn on the arm measures biomarkers present in sweat, in real-time starting with total body electrolyte and fluid loss.

Flow Bio is offering 30% off to members of the Serpentine RC when joining their very limited (45 spaces left) sweat-test-kit subscription service. Get sodium and fluid loss data from every session to start to tailor your hydration strategy.

For further info please follow this link.  Question?  Contact Stefan.



NGX is award winning personalised nutrition, made simple.  We work with endurance athletes to help exceed their performance goals so they can get the edge through marginal gains.

NGX is the world's first genetically personalised meal shake, founded on the field of science after our namesake, nutrigenetics.  A person’s DNA can have a significant effect on how their bodies use nutrients, and everyone’s DNA has a direct association with how their nutrients are absorbed, transported, activated, and eliminated from their bodies.

NGX is offering an exclusive 30% discount on their best value 2-Week Starter Pack, exclusively for Serpentine members. The pack contains your DNA Nutrition Test, in-depth 30-page personal nutrition report, 28x meals of personalised BodyFuel, 40x servings of a natural flavour boost, an NGX shaker, free t-shirt and free 15-minute nutrition consultation. Add code SERPIES30 at checkout to get all this for under £91. Offer ends 30th July.

For further info please follow this link.  Question?  Contact Hugo.


Precision Hydration

Precision Hydration helps endurance athletes like you perform at your best by personalising your hydration and fuelling strategy for training and racing.

Using their patented Sweat Test technology and online Sweat Test, Precision Hydration provides you with a personalised hydration plan and recommend different strengths of electrolytes based on how you sweat. Because everyone loses a different amount of sodium in their sweat, there isn't a 'one size fits all' approach to hydration, so maintaining your own sodium levels is crucial to performing at your best.

Got a question about your own hydration and fuelling strategy for racing?  Book a free one-to-one video call to discuss your strategy with a PH Sweat Expert.

For further info please follow this link.  Question?  Contact Andy.



Miss the webinar and want to know more about them?  Please follow this link for the recording. You’ll need this passcode:



Happy sweating and hydrating!

The Serpentine RC Committee

Submitted: 15 July 2021