Summer League 2021 – Starting on Sunday 25th July!

The Summer League took a break from real-life racing in 2020 due to the pandemic. However,  with the relaxation of social distancing currently planned by the UK Government on 19th July, it is set to be back with three races in Summer 2021. Come and join us in the first race in Regent’s Park on Sunday 25th July!

What is the Summer League?


The Summer League is an inter-club competition of a few races in the summer months, at various venues around London. The clubs in the league this year are Dulwich Park Runners; Metros; Ealing, Southall and Middlesex; Hayes and Harlington; Mornington Chasers; Serpentine RC; Sudbury Court; Ealing Eagles; and Queens Park Harriers. In 2019 when it was last staged, there were five races. The pandemic and social distancing restrictions meant that there are three races to be staged this year, with the hope that in 2022 it will go back to five races.

The three races in the 2021 calendar are:

  • Sunday 25th July – Regent’s Park, 10k, organised by Mornington Chasers
  • Sunday 15th August – Dulwich Park, 5 miles (8k), organised by Dulwich Park Runners
  • Sunday 22nd August – Battersea Park, 10k, organised by Serpentine Running Club

Following the main event there is a shorter 'tenderfoot' (1.5-2km) race suitable mainly for children, but also runners returning from injury and runners who prefer to run a shorter distance. Finally, those who came to the Summer League races before would remember a series of optional, light hearted, age graded, 300-400m relays, again suitable for all ages and abilities. The organisers will confirm if the relays take place.


Why you should come to the Summer League

There are so many good reasons to take part, here are a few:

  • The races are of a good standard with runners of all abilities – from 33 mins to 1 hour 20 mins for a 10k.
  • Race entries are free for participants – they are paid for by the Club.
  • The races are held in different parks in London – sometimes in those you don’t go to normally.
  • These are very sociable events – normally cakes are available after the run! To remind ourselves what a great event the Summer League is, please read this article in the Serpentimes a few years ago by Fliss.
  • These races are great for new members to get to know others in the Club.


First Race – Sunday 25th July, Regent’s Park (10k)

The first race will be a 10km race on Sunday 25th July in Regent’s Park. The race start is at the Hub, not far from the Regent’s Canal and the London Zoo.  It is a 3-lap course, marshals will be available to direct runners.

Please click here to let us know you’re running before 7pm on the day before the race. Please also use the same form to ask any questions. Note that the race normally does not require sign-up, and we are currently working on the basis that sign-up will not be mandatory – you just need to show up with your Serpie shirt/vest to run. However, we’d like to collect the entry information in advance, in order to allow us to have an idea of numbers, communicate with participants, and enable contact tracing potentially.


Volunteers needed for 22nd August!

We Serpies will host the last fixture on 22nd August in Battersea Park (10k). We will require volunteers to help stage the event. Most of the roles don’t require any qualifications. The roles are:

  • 2 x Timekeepers
  • 6 x Marshals
  • 2 x Finish Funnel Stewards (guiding runners into the finish funnel)
  • 2 x Finish Place Handlers (handing out finish position numbers to runners)
  • 2 x Water Station Volunteers
  • 1 x Bag Minder

The race will start at 9am (NOTE: Not 9:30am as previously stated after advice by the organisers), so we will need volunteers to be at the Battersea Park Band Stand from about 9am.

Available to help on the day? Please use this link or email me to indicate your availability. Note that a volunteer’s database has been created for this event as well as other events – please click this link to see who else is volunteering!

Any further questions, please let me know.


Happy Summer Running!

Hans Ho

Participation Representative

Submitted: 12 July 2021