Serpie Capital Ring Runs: Stage 2 - Woolwich to Beckenham on Sunday 20th June

Hello Serpies,

After the great success of stage 1, we are excited to announce stage 2 of the Serpie Capital Ring Runs. Come and join us on our next trail running adventure from Woolwich to Beckenham on Sunday 20th June.

Quick recap: what are the Serpie Capital Ring Runs?


Serpies stop for a well earned rest at the Woolwich Arsenal cannon, stage 1



For anyone who missed stage 1, the Capital Ring Runs are a series of Serpentine-organised trail runs around the Capital Ring - a 78-mile route through the suburban greenery of London.

This is an opportunity to explore outer London, socialise with other Serpies, and practice those navigation skills. Running is mainly on long-distance footpaths, with plenty of signposts and never far from public transport.

The first stage was a fun social event as some chose to run fast, while others took in the scenery at a slower pace. If you are able to run 10k in roughly 70 minutes, you should be able to run the majority of it. There is also an option to run/walk if you prefer. Stage 2 is about 14 miles (23km). Even better - when you get to the end we will find a pub to celebrate in!

Covid restrictions still apply, so we require you to sign up in advance before coming, so that we can gather contact tracing information. It will also give us an idea about grouping, and allow us to know numbers in order to book a few tables in a pub. Please follow this link to sign up page

Please note that you need to be a current Serpentine RC member to take part.  Not a member yet but want to run with us?  Join us here


Stage 2 - Woolwich to Beckenham on Sunday 20th June

Our second Capital Ring adventure will start from Woolwich and take us through south east London to Beckenham. It is a little longer than stage one at 14 miles and consists of sections 1, 2 and half of section 3 in the Transport for London schedule. You will see the Thames Barrier and some good views from Woolwich Common, run past Severndroog Castle and Eltham Palace, then on through Grove Park to Beckenham.

TfL recommends the Go Jauntly app to help with navigation.


Want to join us?  

Please fill in your details here. In particular, let us know if you are happy to be a ‘group leader’ (who will make sure we don’t lose anyone and also will act as an emergency contact), or if you have any specific needs. 


What if I missed stage 1?

Serpies are of course welcome to join the Capital Ring Runs for as many stages as they wish. However, if anyone missed out on stage 1 and would really like to do this before stage 2, then there is an opportunity to join Lindsey Chiswick on Sunday June 13th for a catch-up run. Please do get in touch if you’re interested.  

Any questions for stage 2 – please also email Lindsey


Looking forward to having you joining us! 

The Serpie Capital Ring Runs Team

Submitted: 4 June 2021