Tour de Serpiesphere – Stage 5 (2-mile) Results and Overall Winners

Woohoo we've done it! Starting in January we've had 5 stages that took us through all kinds of weather and places but now we've crossed the finish line. So big congrats to everyone who ran all or parts of the first Tour de Serpiesphere.

What happened on stage 5

Despite 'real' racing slowly restarting in England we once again had a good turnout, with 56 Serpies testing themselves on the shortest distance of the five. And while it was the glory stage we once again had some excellent performances. This week's shoutout for the best pictures goes to Willem Gerritsen with an action shot near the town of Warmenhuizen in the northern Netherlands – isn’t it worthy of any official race photographer?


Stage Winners

Both of our race leaders finished strong, collecting yet another stage win. So congratulations to the winners of Stage 5:

  • Kit Grierson finished 1st overall in 10:21
  • Mariah McConnaughey clocked another top women's finish in 12:26

Full results here via this link.


The GC and the jerseys

Befitting their strong performances throughout the whole series both Kit and Mariah cruised to the finish to secure the virtual yellow jerseys. However, there was intrigue in the women's race where Victoria Brown produced a stunning sprint finish to bag 2nd place. So let's look at the podiums in the 'fastest marathon' category:



1. Kit Grierson – 2:23:45

1. Mariah McConnaughey – 2:59:03

2. Christopher Tsantoulas – 2:27:51

2. Victoria Brown – 3:06:43

3. Alexandre Bernigaud –2:36:38

3. Rhea Colvin – 3:06:48


The second competition was for those who have improved the most compared to their real-life marathon PB. To make it as fair as possible, we've looked at the percentage improvement on the marathon time (a 30min improvement on a 3-hour marathon equals a 60min improvement on a 6-hour marathon). In this category, the honours go to:



1. James Patterson – 33.5% improvement

1. Clare Freshwater – 23.8% improvement

2. Andrew Roberts – 30.7% improvement

2. Gloria Beyer – 14.9% improvement

3. Paul Byrnes – 24.0% improvement

3. Elvira Gonzalo – 14.6% improvement


The full standings can be found here via this link.


Some fun statistics before we go:

  • 54 finishers
  • 13 sub-3 hour marathons
  • 38 runners improving on their PBs
  • Highest age grade: 88.5% (Andrew Roberts on Stage 3 - 5k)


And finally...

We hope you've enjoyed the Tour de Serpiesphere as much as we enjoyed seeing your results and photos come in week after week. We are planning to draw the spot prizes for Races 2, 4, and 5 in the Serpentine café after the club run on Saturday 8th May. We'll then announce the winners on Facebook and figure out how to hand out all the prizes. In the meantime, once again a huge well done to everyone who took part and happy running.


The Tour de Serpiesphere Team (Frank, Hans & Malcolm)

Submitted: 3 May 2021