Serpentine RC – Application for Training Funds as coaches and officials

Hello Serpies,

Now that the lockdown restrictions have eased, we think this is an appropriate time to renew our effort to help those of you who are interested in being Serpentine coaches and officials. Your journey as a Serpentine coach and/or official could start right here!

What roles do we need as a Club?

You may recall our fundraising campaigns in Summer 2020 – thank you so much for those who contributed. One of the campaigns was about getting more members to become race organisers, run/cycle leaders, coaches, and officials. With the resumption of club activities in April 2021, we are looking for more members interested in becoming qualified to facilitate our sessions or competitions. Since the start of the Covid crisis, we have identified the availability of coaches and officials as an area on which the club needs to improve, if we are going to meet a continual need for training sessions and races.

A list of roles we have identified is as follows – would you be interested in taking up one of these roles?


  • Race directors – required for organising Serpentine run races (real life or virtual) and applying for race licences.  The Club has a shortage of race directors which play an important role in club races – without a race director races such as New Year’s Day 10k and Last Friday of the Month 5k could not have happened.  Source:


  • Run coaches – required for coaching track, intervals, and hills sessions.  To bolster the current team of coaches on existing sessions, or to give flexibility to the club in order to organise new sessions in new locations / regular times. Information:




  • Spin coaches* – required to coach regular spin sessions, either to bolster the current team of spin coaches or to coach new sessions at different times. Example source:


  • Lead cyclists* – required to lead regular organised cycle rides for both beginners and experienced cyclists. Example source:
  • It is not limited to the above list - perhaps there’s something else you’d be interested in that I’ve not mentioned. Please feel free to let me know!

(* We have recently received additional funding from British Triathlon Big Reboot Club Support Fund on these courses, so we are particularly keen on having some of you on these courses!)


How does the application process work?

The good news is with the money we raised, we have a bit more to fund members for the training of these positions, as long as there is a commitment to help the club once qualified. To register interest, please fill out the following Google form. You will be asked to provide a few details including which course(s) you’re interested in, and what you think you can contribute to the Club (if you have any ideas so far).

I will monitor all registrations on this form from now until the evening of Sunday 9th May 2021. After that, whilst we expect funding for courses still to be available to all members, please email me if you’re expressing interest after that date.

Once we have your details, the process will likely be the following (exact steps could vary depending on circumstances):

  1. We will contact you to discuss your plans on signing up for a course (or courses);
  2. You will then sign up and pay for the course fee – this will be reimbursed by the Club (either in parts or fully);
  3. You will attend the course;
  4. You will do very well and obtain the qualification!
  5. We will arrange with you how to use the qualification you’ve just obtained within the Club.

So far there are a number of members who contacted us regarding this – thank you so far!  I have contacted all of you individually regarding the way forward, so no need to fill this in again.

If you have ever thought about helping the club whilst obtaining additional skills and doing something fun, now is the time! Please feel free to get in touch with me for further details.


We look forward to hearing from you!

Hans Ho

Participation Representative (


Submitted: 10 April 2021