Tour de Serpiesphere – Stage 2 Closing Soon!

Hello Serpies,

If the warmer weather and the prospect of 'real' racing on the horizon once lockdown eases has put a spring in your step, why not put it to good use and join the Tour de Serpiesphere? Here is a reminder of Stage 2 finishing on Sunday 28th Feb.

In case you haven't been following so far, the Tour de Serpiesphere is a virtual event over 5 stages that add up to a marathon. On Stage 1, we saw a host of impressive performances over the 5-mile distance, led by Izzy Clark and Kit Grierson who currently top the overall standings and are wearing the Virtual Yellow Jerseys. But it's not only our fast runners who are having a go at a virtual marathon PB, overall we had 84 runners take part in Stage 1. And even if you've missed Stage 1 you can still get involved. Just email Frank your result for a 5-mile run, together with a screenshot of the activity on Strava or similar apps and we'll add you to your database. You won't be eligible for the overall prize, but we can still calculate your overall time for you.


Stage 2: 10km - entries close 28th February at 10pm

Stage 2 promises more top-class running. Dani De Palol was one of the first out of the blocks, seemingly determined to not let Kit pull away at the front. His time of 34:43 meant a further 0.5% improvement in his age-grade (84.4%). But Kit undauntedly countered with a time of 34:02 which once again puts him in pole position to win Stage 2. But remember, the overall prize is not determined by who can run the fastest overall time but your improvement relative to your marathon PB.

So far we've got 24 people who entered their times, which still leaves 60 of those who completed Stage 1 out there, and everyone else who didn’t enter Stage 1 proper. So lace up your trainers and get out for a 10k!

  1. Run 10km anytime on or before Sunday 28th February 2021. Just like our other virtual races, you can run on any route you choose, wherever you are in the world! We will however ask you not to choose a route with a significant net downhill.
  2. Enter your time before 10pm on Sunday 28th February here: Click "self-add result" – the race date reads "15 February 2021" (which includes all 10km performances from 15th February to 28th February). The race name is “Tour de Serpiesphere - Race 2” if you need to find it through the race list.
  3. Take a photo or screenshot that shows your time and distance. This can be a screenshot of your Strava / Garmin results page, or a picture of your watch. As long as the distance is a minimum of 10.00km (or 4.97 miles) and it shows a finish time, it will be accepted.
  4. Submit the photo or screenshot here - also before 10pm on 28th February (this link can also be found on the same page as the “self-add result” page). Click “Add Files”. You do not need a Dropbox account. This will just ask for your name (so we can correlate your performance with the time submitted) and email address (so you’ll get a confirmation of upload).

And remember, everyone who completed Stage 2 will be entered into a draw for a £20 sports voucher.


Stage 3: 5km - starts 1st March, ends 15th March at 10pm

This stage will run in parallel to Race 5 of the Serpiesphere Virtual 5k handicap race. Therefore you can enter your time for both races, you don't have to do two separate 5k runs. If you enter your time for the handicap it will automatically be counted for the Tour de Serpiesphere as well. Link for time entry will be open on 1st March. There will be winners for the fastest male, fastest female, and best age-graded performance.


Some rules

  • DO run according to the current restrictions regarding exercise.  You can run entirely on your own, with members of your household, or with one other person not in your household, but you must not run in a group.
  • DO respect social distancing guidelines. Please keep a safe 2m distance from anyone else during your run (even if this means compromising your race time by stopping, slowing, or running around others).
  • DON’T run if you have any symptoms of Covid-19, or if you should be self-isolating.
  • DO stay local – choose a location that is from, or close to, your home.

By entering your time for the Tour de Serpiesphere, you confirm that you have read, understood, and abided by the above rules.

Any questions regarding the Tour de Serpiesphere, please contact Hans, Serpentine RC Participation Representative. We look forward to seeing your performances and loads of aggregate marathon PBs!


The Tour de Serpiesphere Team (Frank, Hans, Lee, and Malcolm)

Submitted: 25 February 2021