Greetings Serpies! You may know me from coaching at Paddington Tuesday Track and taking spin on Wednesdays. I am also a Level 3 Personal Trainer and I will be leading a monthly outdoor strength training session through Autumn and Winter

When & where

0945 am on Saturday 19th October, Sunday 17th November, Saturday 14th December


Wormwood Scrubs by the Linford Christie Stadium, Artillery Way, W12 ODF. 10 minutes from East Acton, Central Line

Who is it for

Serpentine members at all levels/distances of running, jumping, throwing, triathlon, duathlon

Cost and sign-up

Free £0.00! and requires a signup for insurance and general head count. PM your email address to or gavinedmonds/facebook or nyland_motion/instagram

England Athletics say we should be (at least) regularly squatting and lunging, I strongly agree with this and the objective of my sessions will be to provide a decent workout on the day and also skills to undertake training on your own 1-3 times a week

Functional strength training will bring greater muscular power, increased resistance to fatigue, improved bone health, better running form and reduced risk of injury. Alongside slow aerobic running, optional speed track/hill sessions and participation in the Cross Country season your strength work over the Autumn and Winter will propel you to marvellous heights when you embark on training for your specific goals in January 2020!

The sessions will last up to 90 minutes and be predominantly focused on leg work, hip mobility, core strength, push and pull motions with the arms. There will be fun games to round off each mornings activity with a small amount of running included. The dates have been selected to avoid clashes with the Cross Country season hence November 17th is a Sunday as the London Championships take place the day before

I emphasise these sessions are suitable for any member and I would really like to see a range of abilities all of whom will be catered for, any questions please feel free to contact me.

Gavin Edmonds

Submitted: 30 September 2019