Introduction to cross country training series 2019

These coached session are the Introduction to Cross Country training series for Serpentine members who have never run cross country, new to cross country as adults, or would like to have a taste of what it is before the season starts.

Sessions are taking place on:

  • Wednesday 18 September 7pm, Finsbury Park
  • Saturday 28 September 11am, Finsbury Park

Cross country can feel intimidating if you've never come to a fixture before, but we want everyone to feel welcome and know that cross country really is for all abilities! Laura Stewart, CiRF will be coaching these sessions at Finsbury Park that will:

* Answer all your questions about XC (what do I wear?!?!)

* Give you experience running on terrain similar to the cross country leagues and championships that the Serpentine teams enter

* A chance to meet some other people interested in XC

The session will involve a xc specific warm up, some undulating interval running, and a cool down. Please dress appropriately for running outdoors and if it is raining please bring a bin bag to put anything in as we will be outside the whole time. We suggest you wear trainers suitable to running off road (or spikes if you have them already) as we will be running on the grass. We will meet just inside the Manor House gate to Finsbury Park. You can sign-up here via Facebook, or just turn up.

More information about the XC season can be found on the club website, here.

Everyone is welcome!

Kim Boursnell, on behalf of Laura Stewart

Submitted: 9 September 2019