SAL match 2 - Race report

Last Saturday wasn't clearly a good day for Watford's sport fans. Apart from the FA cup final, Serpentine also beat their local athletics team, as well as the rest of the clubs, at the second SAL match of the season. So yes, Serpentine won the match, first one this season!

Picture from SAL match 2 - Race report

With a few of our regulars busy at the Green Belt relays, we still managed to travel to Woodside stadium in Garston with about 25 athletes and had a cracking day, alternating the lead with Watford Harries and Harlow AC throughout the afternoon, just to nip a few extra points at the end of the match to win only by 15.

We had some strong performances from both regulars and newbies and we welcomed few come backs to our squad. As the results show, it was one of those matches where every point counted, so it was great to see everyone committing to the cause and helping to fill nearly every gap in the team. 

Well done to our race winners: Bart Porzuczek was first in the 800m with a storming second lap, whereas Laura Carmichael led from start to end keeping her rivals at distance. Anna Hollingsworth, new to the SAL, clocked a great 5000m PB with a solo run (18:10, 5th all-time Serpie time on the distance) , followed by Sophie-Anne Flanagan, who also got a PB. In most of the other events we finished consistently in 2nd/3rd place, even on field competitions where we historically have more troubles. It was also fun to compete (and spectate) for the first time in a 4x 400m mixed relays with many changes of position and a lot of suspense. Finally, special mention to Rhiannon Needham who completed her personal decathlon: 10 events in one match, probably a new club “record”!

Finals scores for the day are

  1. Serpentine 296
  2. Watford Harriers 281
  3. Harlow AC 277
  4. Barnet & District AC 218
  5. Enfield & Hartngey/HAWC 209
  6. Highgate Harriers and Mornington Chasers 107

Full results can (or will soon to) be found on the SAL website and soon in the Serpentine site.

Thanks as well to our officials, whose invaluable help allowed us make the match happen and score 20 points for the team. Ian and Sally Hodge, Andy Maynard, Josie Wildridge, Sammy Li, Steph Vaatz, Deb Biswas.

Next SAL match will be on Saturday 15th June in Luton. Get in touch with us if you have any questions or need more info: we look forward to another great match.

Nic, Laura and Rhi
SAL team captains

(Photo: Vinh Lam)

Submitted: 23 May 2019