Fun and prizes at the Green Belt Relay

Congratulations to everyone who took part in the 2019 Green Belt Relay.  

With four teams of eleven runners (in the men’s, women’s, veterans and mixed categories) competing in 22 stages over two days in and around the London Green Belt and travelling around in four minibuses and staying overnight in Basildon, this is one of the highlights for many runners in Serpentine (not to mention those from the many other clubs taking part).


Overseeing the massive logistical challenge of moving over forty runners were Sarah Maisey and Luke Parker, who both did a magnificent job.  I would also like to thank Ian Hodge for sharing his expertise with them last year, and for all the many years he spent organising our teams.


Our drivers also did a brilliant job in travelling quite some distance, and managing to navigate unfamiliar areas and parking in some tight corners – all on top of their own running.


Prizes and records


Our men’s team won the Davis Cup for the first mens team.

Our women’s team won the Pewter Plate for the first women’s team.

However, we were beaten by Thames Hare and Hounds who claimed the Green Belt for the fastest overall team, after nine consecutive years of Serpie success.

Our women’s team won the Queen of the Mountains (covering the toughest stages) – Sarah Pemberton, Tash Sheel, Ahlem Ben Gueblia and Nicola Kaye).

Individually, Glenn Hughes (stage 13), Chris Wright (stages 2 AND 20!) and Hugh Torry (stage 14) set course records.  

Vic Crawford, Sarah Pemberton, Megan Roberts and Chris Wright all won both of the stages they competed in, whilst Tash Sheel, Glenn Hughes and Hugh Torry won a single stage each.  Hugh now has a record 16 stage wins to his name.


Congratulations to everyone involved, and looking forward to next year’s event already!


Tom Poynton

Submitted: 20 May 2019