Your club needs you!

Dear Serpies

You will have seen the Save the Date for the club's AGM on Wednesday 11th September. You might consider standing for the committee at the AGM and we hope that you will. But I wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the many ways to contribute to the club – and a new development.

I mentioned recently in Serpentimes that we are looking at changing how we manage the club – specifically building teams to address and support key club roles. We have an amazing range of skills and experience within the club, and we can do great things when we tap into them. It’s hard to find the time to join a committee, but you might be able to join a team and contribute in a more flexible way. So we’re setting up teams to help support committee roles, with one team member joining the committee and different aspects of the role delegated amongst the team. Broadening participation in this way we hope to access the power of this energetic and successful club.

So whether you’re a new, returning or longstanding member, a social or speedy runner, a triathlete, track & field athlete, junior, senior or vet, or any combination of these, and whether you have 5 or 50 minutes a week, there’s a place for you!

Specifically, we’re building teams of people with energy to drive our club development in these areas. Get in touch at, or email me or Sue Barty, Club Secretary if you’re interested in joining a team to support any (or all!) of:

  • Participation and membership
  • Club strategy
  • Communications - traditional and social media
  • Social
  • Helping to organise races events and trips
  • Juniors and helping to inspire our younger members

I should mention that we do already have a great team in place on the Comms side - but can always have more help and suggestions. We also already have a great team in place on the club's website redevelopment.

This is a unique club. And it’s ours. We can all participate in running it and making it even better, so go ahead and join a team!

I couldn’t send a message like this without thanking all the racers, event teams, coaches and others for your fantastic contribution to the club. Volunteering is the lifeblood of our club, without you our full programme of races and events just would not take place.

All the best


Submitted: 24 March 2019