Discounted entry for Maidenhead Half Marathon (club champs)

The organisers of the Maidenhead Half Marathon, in which we will hold our club champs race on 1 September, have kindly offered a 20% discount on all entries for Serpentine members.

To access this please visit the Club Championships page and copy and paste the code from the table (you will need to be logged in as a member), then:

  1. go onto the race website page
  2. enter your details as you would normally (name, address, date of birth etc)
  3. on the payment screen ("Total to pay" etc) enter the discount code
  4. click the "use code" button (that button click is important!) which should then apply the 20% discount

The organisers have allowed us to use this 60 times, but can increase it if needed, so if the code doesn’t work in a few weeks' time, that might be the reason – in which case let me know and I’ll speak to the organisers again.

Please note that this code is only for Serpentine club members, and is not to be passed onto others. The race organisers will be checking this, and I would not want anything to happen that might undermine their generosity and support towards us.


Tom Poynton

Submitted: 16 January 2019