Committee changes

There were changes to three roles on the club's committee at this year's AGM. Ian Hodge, Nicola Kaye and Fraser Johnson all decided to stand down from the committee.

Ian has been on the committee for 16 years; Nicola Kaye has been Race Organisation rep for one year; Fraser has been Honorary Chairman for two years. Each of them has contributed significantly to the club. We will miss all of them and their valuable contributions to committee discussions. All on the committee would like to thank them for their hard work and dedication.

Two new committee members were added at the AGM. Jamie Giles takes over from Samantha Day as Participation rep; Lan O'Connor takes over from Fraser Johnson as Honorary Chairman. Meanwhile, Samantha Day takes over from Nicola Kaye as Race Organisation rep. The Athletics role is vacant and will be combined with the current Endurance Running role, which will contiue to be covered by Tom Poynton. if any member is interested in taking on the Athletics role, please do contact me and let me know. We welcome all of the new members to the committee and thank them for stepping forward.

Sue Barty

Submitted: 27 September 2018