Meet the Club Member: Isaac

Meet Isaac who is aiming for sub 2:45 at the VLM next year and who once got to chaperone Eddie Izzard.

Picture from Meet the Club Member: Isaac

You are...

Isaac Leigh, member since October 2017 

What brought you to the club

A recommendation from a friend of mine (shout-out Nathan Wilkins). After coming to a couple of Tuesday night sessions at Paddington track, I was hooked!

When you aren't running, you are...

Probably following some kind of other sport! In particular, I'm a big Newcastle United fan and am obsessed by football in all its forms, much to the delight of my girlfriend.

The most challenging thing you have ever done

I want to say my first London Marathon in 2016, but maybe a running event is a cop-out! Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in 2012 was an amazing experience that I'll never forget – but the altitude and the final climb really tested me physically and mentally, given the overall lack of sleep and oxygen.

Your favourite book

Captain Corelli's Mandolin by Louis de Bernières. A brilliant and hilarious novel that's definitely worth a read on holiday. The film is supposed to be pretty good too...

If you could be an animal, you would want to be...

A cheetah. Then I'd be able to keep up round the track!

What you like best about the club

Can I cheat and have two? 1) Literally everybody is friendly, and in a big city where it can be hard to find communities, Serpentine is the best and kindest community you could come across. 2) There are an incredible amount of opportunities to race and to improve yourself 'competing' against people who are better than you and will drive you to new levels.

Most unusual race you have ever done

The only race I've ever won was the first ever Henley 10k. There were no signs along the route and I went the wrong way twice...

Your top training tip

Try and train with people who are a little bit better than you. It might feel disheartening seeing the back of people for a little while, but if you dig in, you WILL get better.

Your next big goal

I'm aiming to break 2:45 at the 2019 London Marathon, providing it's not as hot as the 2018 version...

Something you have never told anyone else or that would surprise others

I once escorted Eddie Izzard around the Warwick University campus for an hour as part of his EU referendum tour; it was great fun and no question was off limits.

Photo: Jack Wild, 2018 3000m club champs


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Submitted: 31 August 2018