#MondayMotivation from Serpie triathlete Brit Tate

Good things come to those who persevere and work hard. Brit shares how she went from not being able to run at all for 6 months to qualifying in style for the 2019 European and World champs.

Picture from #MondayMotivation from Serpie triathlete Brit Tate

Never give up

I became injured in November 2017 as I tried to pick up the mileage aiming towards Marbella 70.3 Triathlon with the aim to qualify and race at the World 70.3 Championships in South Africa in 2018. Alas my calf injury became much more of an issue than I initially thought it would have been. With all thoughts of 70.3 out the window the focus was back on being able to qualify again for both the World and European Sprint Age Group Championships in 2019. After 6 months of no running at all, LOTS of rehab, treatment, patience and many tears of frustration I finally made my first tentative steps in July 2018, just 4 weeks before the final European and World qualifer on the race circuit.

First was Worthing Triathlon, the European qualifer

That saw a sea swim with a non drafting bike loop and a fast and flat run. I was first out of the water with a quick swim and managed to extend my lead on the bike to finish will an overall 1st place female with a 3 minute lead. Happy. Going to Russia Europeans 2019.

A happy Brit TateSecond Red Car Triathlon, the World qualifer

That saw an extremely choppy sea swim (nearly cancelled due to poor conditions), a strong headwind on the bike and a very rainy run. All in all pretty grim conditions...suited me just right being a Yorkshire lass! Good swim, 2nd onto the bike course, 30 seconds behind ex-Olympian Michelle Dillon. Pulled to 15 seconds behind Michelle in a solo time trial effort as groups behind worked together. Unfortunately the lack of run training caught me up so was unable to catch 1st place but over the moon to finish 2nd overall and 1st Senior with qualification to Switzerland World Champs 2019 in the bag!

Finally European Age Group Champs Glasgow

Having entered last minute knowing my run was in poor shape my expectations were quite low turning up at Glasgow as I knew at this level there were going to be a lot of strong runners. However I knew the bike course suited me well and it was non-drafting which gave me some advantage on the runners. Coming out of the water in 2nd place I soon established the lead on the bike extending a 2 minute lead before being hunted down on the run by a German who took the European title from me in the last 1k leaving me to claim the silver medal...VERY HAPPY!

I hope these race reports help anyone else out there struggling with injury and losing hope that they may go out and be a racing snake again...you can do it! Just work hard in all the other areas you can improve yourself in and, who knows, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! 

With many thanks to Brit Tate!

Eda Korkmaz

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Submitted: 27 August 2018