New Serpie tri and cycling kit launches - last date to order 31st July

New Serpie tri and cycling club online kit shop opens 4th July to 31st July

Afternoon Serpies,

The new Serpie tri and cycling online kit shop opens on Monday 4th July until Sunday 31st July. We've partnered with Cuore, a Swiss brand who make high quality kit. It's used by the best amateur tri team in the UK, Team Freespeed, so I am confident we've got the best kit money can buy. The new tri and cycling kit range will initially be limited to 5 items. However, in the future we could expand the range to include other items such as cycling shorts, gillet, arm warmers and gloves if there is enough demand. The 5 items are as follows:

1. One piece ITU tri suit - Cuore GOLD level kit, top of the range.

2. Two piece tri suit consisting of tri shorts and tri top - Cuore SILVER level kit and the best quality kit they make for a two piece suit. Can be purcharsed separately.

3. Short sleeved cycling top - Cuore BRONZE level kit

4. Long sleeved cycling top - Cuore BRONZE level kit

All but the long sleeved cycling top are available in a women's specific fit.

Samples of the kit will be available to try for size and fit in the club kit room from Wednesday 6th July until Sunday 31st July. It is important you try for size before buying as no refunds are available for sizes wrongly ordered. Some of the items are customisable. For example you can select to have longer sleeve length on the cycling tops so when you try on please make a note to yourself for when you order.

When you are ready to order you will need to go to the following website. Please note the shop will close on Sunday 31st July and this will be your only opportunity to purchase new tri and cycling kit this year. Once the shop closes, the orders will be delivered in approximately 5 weeks. 

You will first need to create and account. Click customer log in top right of the screen.

Create a Cuore account 

Then click create new account.

Create a Cuore account 

Proceed to create a free new account. Remember to put Serpentine in the Team Shop box.

Create a Cuore account 

Now, you have the possibility to either buy normal shop items or preorder your TEAM SHOP items. To do so, please first logout. 

Cuore Serpentine kit 

And login again choosing the option “Login to the TEAM SHOP: YES”

Cuore login 


You are now able to see your TEAM SHOP in the menu bar. 

Cuore team shop 

Once you have logged into the TEAM SHOP you'll be able to view the designs which are also shown below.

Tri suit

Cuore Serpentine tri suit 

Tri top

Cuore Serpentine tri top

Tri Shorts

Cuore Serpentine tri shorts

Short sleeved cycling top

Cuore Serpentine short sleeved cycling top

Long sleeved cycling top

Cuore Serpentine long sleeved cycling top

How to pay (example with by CC)

Be sure you have chose the right payment method and the payment method is updated

Cuore payment 

Accept our terms and conditions as well as return policy and privacy policy

Cuore Serpentine kit T&C 

If you do not have a SKRILL account (similar to PayPal account) , please click on the link as indicated.

Cuore payment 

Enter your CC information and CW/CID code and click on “Pay” to trigger your payment.

If required by Mastercard or Visa enter your secret password for online transactions.

To cancel the transaction, simply click on “Back to merchant”

Cuore Serpentine kit - cancel 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Alex Elferink

Submitted: 4 July 2016