New Serpies Track&Field Facebook group

There's a new Facebook group for Serpies who are interested in competing and officiating at Track and Field

Now that the cross country season is nearly over, it's time to think about the upcoming track & field season. Our teams are looking very strong and ready to do battle in the three leagues where our club competes: Southern Athletics League, Southern Veterans League and Rosenheim League.

We've set up a new Serpies Track&Field Facebook group for any Serpies who are interested in Track & Field to get updates on upcoming events, post and share their athletics and officiating experiences, photos, training plans etc.

This is a 'closed' group, which means that only Serpentine members can join it, so anything shared is for Serpies only.

Join the group

If you are interested in participating in Track and Field and have any questions, please contact Nicola Barberis Negra or Mary Davies

Sally Hodge


Submitted: 2 March 2016