Serpie cycling is dead, long live Serpie cycling

Plan to address the decline in Serpie Sunday cycling

In the past couple of years there has been a general decline in the number of Serpie turning up to the weekly Sunday rides from Richmond Park out to Surrey Hills and Windsor. Unfortunately the situation is now so bad that even when people do turn up there is no one that knows the route so people often end up doing laps of the park. This is especially frustrating for our newer members who are keen to get out.

Obviously I am aware lots of you cycle at weekends and those that have been with the club a long time will often organise their own rides. Clearly people are cycling just not setting off from the café / car park by The Roehampton Gate in Richmond Park at 9am Sunday’s the traditional meeting place / departure time.

In an effort to reinvigorate Serpie cycling and generate critical mass myself and Rosh are proposing a re-launch of Serpie cycling. The aim would be to get as many Serpies as possible out cycling the various traditional Surrey routes of 3 hills, 5/6 hills and Windsor. I know riding out to Kent has also become popular too so would be good to get riders out there as well. Breaking with tradition though the planned day is Saturday 3rd October (with a reserve day of Saturday 24th October should the weather be awful).

In order to make this happen we need people that know the various routes to volunteer to lead rides. If you would like to help, please email

The re-launch will also be added to the Serpie event planner so if you are planning to come along, please add your name to Serpie base.

If anyone has other suggestions on how to get more Serpies regularly cycling from Richmond Park, please let me know.


Submitted: 17 September 2015