June handicap report (a little belated)

The June handicap may have taken place three weeks ago now, but like all great pieces of sporting action, it is still fresh in our memories.

Who can forget how an army band rehearsing for the Trooping of the Colour very kindly serenaded our runners on the first lap of the Serpentine...or indeed how an unexpected deluge then soaked them at the end?

And, of course, the Handicap team always remember great racing. This month, Simon Hardy was our worthy winner, taking more than a minute off his PB. Kiera Attwoll made the podium yet again, this time in second place; while third went to Jean-Luc Hoez, a Frenchman now so speedy he can beat the author of this report comfortably. As for the Hogshead Trophy, it's turning into a great battle between Alex Malzer and Andrew Williams, who are now separated by the wafer thin margin of three points.

In the PB roll of honour, Simon and Alex were joined by Matthew Hardcastle, Gemma Philips, Anne Bennett, Ryan Bunce, Andy Bain, Elizabeth Stoppelmoor, Philip Chesworth, Debbie Shipley and Gideon Reid. Ben Stanton achieved the notable feat of running exactly the same time as his previous best. Does this count as a PB or not? The Handicap Team's computer spreadsheet think it does - personally, I'm not so sure! But well done to him anyway!

At the back of the field, we're happy to report that Sid Wills didn't come last. He was probably inspired - as we all were - by the very welcome visit from Manuel Moreno following his dreadful accident. Sid made a point of diverting from the course after his first lap to give Manuel a deserved high-five! (Deserved by Manuel, not by Sid!)

The Handicap team were also as grateful as ever to our volunteers - particularly to the runners who gave up their own race to make up for a shortfall. Please come and help the race happen if you can...it really is incredibly rewarding!

These month's helper heroes (see what I did there?) were Debbie Clarke, David Hines, Melanie Hilton, Lee Farrington, Steve Thomas, Richard Smith, Nick Halliday, Anthony Stranger-Jones, James Stratford, John D'Souza, Richard Jones, Steve Kjar, Jeremy Freer, Bev Thomas, Pat Victor and Eva Ruiz.

See you next month (which of course is actually next week!)
Your Handicap team

Submitted: 28 June 2014