April handicap report

There's no doubt in the minds of the Handicap Team that April's race will be closely studied by historians of our glorious event.

It was a month that had everything - a thumping win, friendly family rivalry and a clutch of PBs!

At the front, William McAvock took - wait for it! - more than five minutes off his personal best to romp home by two and a half minutes. In fact, he was so far ahead after the first lap that the club president had already declared him the winner and the Handicappers were considering sending him off course to get a coffee order in! So a deeply impressive victory, but we urge William to come back next month and try to win again with his new start time!

Then came a truly Corinthian moment as Hudspith father and son approached the line together. It was hard to tell whether John or Nati would get the sprint, but at the last minute, John raised the hand of his second-born and they crossed the finish as one. We would have loved to rise to the occasion and declare them equal second...but unfortunately we don't have the right medals for that. So, after careful consideration, the Handicap team awarded the silver to John by a margin of just a few centimetres. Sebi Hudspith's performance wasn't shabby either - he came fifth, with a personal best!

This was one of many great moments which the Hudspiths have given the Handicap so it was fitting that we later congratulated John on reaching the milestone of 200 races. We presented him with his commemorative t-shirt and he kindly brought some bubbly for his fellow runners. At this rate, it's a safe bet that John will reach the 300 mark!

Further down the field, there were a clutch of PBs from our over-40 men - with Giles Heywood, Andrew Roberts, Jeremy Milne, Alex Malzer and Ian Johnson proving there's hope for all of us. Andrew Wiliams (PB by nearly a minute and fourth overall), Wai Pang, Paul Stoker, Simon Hardy, Laurine Hanna, Michael Salisbury, Melanie McCullagh, Jane Flower and Gemma Philips also posted their best ever results. The same cannot said for Sophia Holder, who promised to win the race...but didn't.

This was also the first month for a long time that the Handicappers have not had to send out multiple calls for volunteers, so thanks to the following Serpies for coming forward so quickly and doing such an efficient job:
Baiji McCubbins, Anna Bloomer, Pat Victor, Chris Woods, Steve Kjar, Salina Christmas, Luke Parker, Tim Forman, James Streetley, Margaret Sills, Bev Thomas, James Stratford, Angela McGhee, Eva Ruiz, John D'Sousa and a very nice woman whose name we can't quite remember.

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See you all in May
Your Handicap Team


Submitted: 7 April 2014