New Treasurer and Junior Coordinator appointed

Jen Marzullo and Olga Koepping join the committee

At the committee meeting last night two important appointments were made.

I am very pleased to announce that Jen Marzullo has agreed to join the committee as Honorary Treasurer.  Jen has been a member of the club for many years and has served on the committee before.  She has the necessary experience with accounts in her work life and the commitment to ensure continuity in this role.  Jen has been working with former Treasurer, Paul Pulze, and myself for several weeks to take over the function.

In addition Olga Koepping has joined as Junior Coordinator.  She has been in the club for over two years and is well suited to this role.  She has also been working with me and other members of the committee and former Junior Coordinator, Barbie Chan, for several weeks to take over this role.

I would like to thank Barbie and Paul for their efforts since the AGM in ensuring a smooth transition to the new appointees.  I'm sure you will agree that the functions of the club were kept up very successfully during this interim period.  Last night the committee discussed ways of achieving swifter transition between volunteers on the committee and the minutes will record an action to do this in time for the next AGM.

The minutes will also show that committee discussed other changes to the roles of certain posts which will be announced in due course.

Charles A Lescott

Hon Chairman

Submitted: 17 October 2013