Travel to English National Cross Country Championships

Sunderland - 23rd Feb 2013. I need to know how many of you are planning to go to the nationals, and whether you'd like to travel by coach with the club.

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This season, the English National Championships return to Sunderland, a venue last used in 2007. In recent years Serpentine have provided subsidised coach transport and organised a hotel and we'd like to do the same in this time so that a large group to take part in the finale of the cross-country season. However, unlike recent years, Sunderland is somewhat further away so the logistics will be more complicated.

There will not be time for a coach to make the journey all the way to Sunderland on the day of the event as it'll probably take over 5 hours, so it looks like we'll need to travel on Friday evening and stay overnight. As usual we will also stay overnight afterwards to allow everyone to have a relaxing evening together followed by a Sunday morning run before heading back to London. Based on recent experience, a hotel will probably cost around £30 per person per night but the final price cannot be confirmed until later. The subsidised coach will cost £10 each.

For those that want to travel independently, the other options are:

  • drive (M1, A1 & A19), approx 275 miles each way.
  • East Coast Trains from King's Cross to Durham or Newcastle - about 3 hours then a taxi.
  • Grand Central Trains from St. Pancras to Sunderland - almost 4 hours then a taxi.

Note: Serpentine will not subsidise train travel as the costs are too high and we'll be providing the coach.

In order to start planning, I need to know how many of you are planning to race the nationals, and whether you would like to be part of a two-night Serpie trip as described above. I'd like you to tell me via MyEvents:

  1. Login to the website
  2. Men: register on MyEvents here
  3. Women: register on MyEvents here
  4. In the notes field, please state "coach", "car" or "train" before hitting the "Confirm" button.

Please do this now. If you wait then forget, and I don't get enough interest, there will be no coach and no trip!

Assuming there's enough interest, I'll be looking for someone to help organise the coach and find a hotel. I suspect Durham will be the best place to stay but that will need more research.

Ian Hodge
Competition & Team Events Coordinator

Submitted: 20 November 2012