Southern Athletics League - first call for athletes

With the end of the cross-country season just behind us, it is time to think about Track & Field...

For the second year Serpentine is participating in the Southern Athletic League (SAL) and we will have five matches as a joint men's and women's team. Last year it was great fun all along the season and we all enjoyed this joint format: I am sure it will be a success again and we will have hopefully a larger number of people competing and some good results.

The league will work in the same way as last year (joint team with men and women competing separately, but scoring points for the same team) although there are many more teams have joined this year (we have moved from 32 in 2011 to 76 in 2012) and they are divided into one Division 1 (16 team) and four regional Division 2. We are in Div 2C and we will compete with 15 other teams (as listed on

Dates for this year:
Saturday 28th April - Battersea (one week after London Marathon)
Saturday  19th May  - Battersea (clash with Green Belt Relay weekend)
Saturday  9th June - Woking (clash with Welsh Castle Relay Weekend)
Saturday  14th July -  Wycombe
Saturday  1st Sept  - Hemel Hempsted

The level is quite broad and there is no requirement for particular abilities: just bring along some enthusiasm and the rest is fun. So, if you have been missing T&F since school, want to give any event a go or you are one of our regulars, just pin those dates in your calendar, let us know and we will keep you in the loop.

"Ok, I'm in. But who should I contact?"

For questions, expressions of interest, clarifications, comments, etc, Lisa Pettit ( will be captaining the women's team and I'll be organising the men's ( Just drop us a line and we will help you!

Nick Barberis-Negra

Events in each fixture:

3000m/5000m (men) or 3000m (women),
100/110m hurdles
400m hurdles
3000m/2000m/1500m steeplechase
high jump
long jump
triple jump
pole vault
4 x 100m relay
4 x 400m relay

Submitted: 18 March 2012