Help sought for Imperial College Relays

Saturday, 26 February - afternoon.  Click above for more information.

The Imperial College Hyde Park Relays will be taking place on Saturday, 26 February.  Serpentine has supported the relays for many years by providing some of the finish officials, principally the people who record the finishers' numbers, along with some of the marshals.  Previous experience is not required.

The relays were first held in 1949 and now attract hundreds of students from across the UK and Europe.  Last year there were teams from Universities in France, Germany, Holland, Italy, Ireland, Italy and Poland.  Oxford University narrowly won the men's race from the University of East Anglia and Politecnico di Milano, while Bristol University won the women's race from Cambridge and Manchester.

The men run six stages and the women four.  The race starts at 2.00pm and will finish by 5.00pm.  The Race HQ is at the Hyde Park Bandstand.  There's more information about the race on

If you'd like to help, please email me on letting me know your preferred duties.  I'll pass your details on to Laurie Kelly, the Officials Secretary.

Thank you for your support.

Malcolm French

Submitted: 17 February 2011