Club Championship 10 miles

Congratulations to Nick Torry and Mariah McConnaughey who are the new 10 mile champions.

The popular Cabbage Patch 10 was once again the club championship 10 mile race. 111 Serpies raced.

Fastest Serpies were Nick Torry and Mariah McConnaughey, both of whom had raced the previous day at the National Road Relays. Don't they need to rest? Clearly not as Nick broke Robin Kindersley's very long standing club 10 mile record with a time of 50:15 and Mariah finished in 61:41

The age-graded award goes to FV65 Sue Lambert who finished in 1:20:53 - an age-grading of 92%

Nick Torry leads the overall age-graded club championship with an average of 86.3% for his best 5 races. Unless Karen Hancock can run a ~90% graded 100m or 400m in the next couple of months I don't think he can be passed.

I'll probably award the trophies at the next Metropolitan League XC meeting in Trent Park.

Submitted: 18 October 2010