Welcome to the new look Serpentine website

It's taken a lot of work but I think it's worth it! Please read full story for details.
The new Serpentine website started as a project last October, led by Ian Hodge and Jeni Vlahovic, with a new design by Serpentimes designer Steve Brett. All the main pages are now stored in a content management system (by a company called Fat Beehive) and we think you'll find the new layout and navigation a lot more user-friendly. There's very little new information (yet) but you may be surprised at what you find as you browse around because a lot of it was hard to find on the old site!

I'd like to thank everyone who helped transfer all our old pages into the new system:

Anneli MacDonald
Ashok Jamdagni
Brent Plump
Caroline Harper
Charles Lescott
Chris Saunders
Clare Riddiford
Emily Robinson
Gowan Clews
Jaran Finn
Luzian Wild
Malcolm Hinsley
Nadya Labib
Neil Hall
Paul Beaton
Penny Thorn
Rachel Powell
Rob Maslen
Rob Westaway
Sola Bankole
Traicey Dwyer
Wayne Maurer
Wendy Collidge

And a special thanks to Jeni Vlahovic, Rachel Whittaker and Sally Hodge who spent many additional hours working on proof-reading and managing the project with me.

Finally, all our special software (results, membership db, events, news etc.) has been revised to work in the new system by yours truly. It took longer than I'd hoped...

Submitted: 29 July 2007