Special Awards


In addition to awards for performance, the club presents a small number of special awards on an annual basis. This page lists these awards and the people who have been recipients since their inauguration.

John Stonham Farewell Cup

John Stonham was an active member of the club from 1986 and the award was donated anonymously in 1993 upon his departure to Thailand. The trophy is awarded annually to the runner who, in the judgement of the Committee, inspires others by being 1) a new runner who shows significant “improvement, but not necessarily victories” 2) an experienced runner returning from injury or illness or 3) a runner showing enthusiasm in the sport even without victory. The cup is usually awarded at the Christmas dinner.

John Stonham was delighted to have a cup named after him and was always pleased to learn of the winner each year. Sadly John passed away in May 2008 aged 82.

2024Richard Wisdom
2023Kim Pflaum
2020Jim Ashworth-Beaumont
2019Keith Evans
2018Reilly Ayres
2017Lars Menken
2016Samantha Day
2015Poppy Lenton
2014Manuel Moreno
2013Angela McGhee
2012Jan Farmer
2011Donna Clinker
2010Natalie Kolodziej
2009Ron Hagell
2008Stephanie Vaatz
2007David Simpson
2006Abdifatah Dhuhulow
2005Keith Evans
2004Alan Woodward
2003Nick Slade
2002Carole Wisdom
2001Baiju McCubbins
2000Bob Davidson
1999David Lipscomb
1995 -1998Not awarded
1994Sue McGinlay
1993Joyce Goody

Secretary’s Shield

Donated by James Godber, the then Honorary Secretary, in 1986, this trophy is awarded annually to the club member or members who, in the personal judgement of the Honorary Secretary, has greatly contributed to the club, above and beyond what might be expected from an ordinary member. The trophy is awarded at the AGM following the committee year to which the award relates i.e. the 2011 trophy was awarded in 2012 by the secretary in office from 2011 to 2012.

2024Sammy LiFor all his invaluable support for the Wednesday Club runs, including bag-minding, coordinating the catering for monthly socials and setting up operations at our new home St Mary’s School, as well as officiating at track & field events.
2023Lindsey ChiswickFor setting up monthly trail runs outside of London.
2022Sophie Flanagan
For her contribution to the club’s participation in track and field and cross-country racing and for her enthusiastic support and commitment to the club.
2021Philip Whitehouse, Owen Barder and Marco Viappiani
For their significant contributions to the website project throughout the year.
2020Diana ValkFor all her work, commitment and contribution over seven issues as the editor of Serpentimes.
2019Kevin MurrayHis varied and enthusiastic support and commitment to the club, including in relation to the Richmond Sunday morning run and assisting in organising social events.
2018Grace Sim MackintoshFor her hard work, tremendous enthusiasm and real commitment to the juniors.
2017Laura Fountain & Laura StewartFor all their help and support generally, but particularly for their dedication and enthusiasm with coaching at the Monday evening foundation track session at Paddington Recreation Ground.
2016Barbie ChanFor all her help and support generally but particularly in achieving great results with the Serpentine juniors.
2015Raoul MansukhaniFor leading the Richmond Park Sunday club runs since 2008.
2014James Edgar & Nicola Barberis NegraFor organising the Tube Line Relay, involving nearly 150 members in their Serpentine colours at all levels and covering all 11 lines, 32 branches, 270 stations all in one day – a true club event.
2013James Edgar & Nicola Barberis NegraFor organising the Capital Ring Relay after the Green Belt Relay was cancelled, running a 76-mile ring around London on a Saturday, starting in Highgate and ending, of course, in a pub, in Hampstead.
2012Victoria CrawfordFor her work to develop a women’s performance training squad and improve the women’s team.
2010Alan G HallFor his commitment to the club and for organising numerous trail running weekends over the year.
2009Paul FrommeFor his help on Wednesday nights and with organising the Welsh Castles Relay team.
2008John CullinanneFor his work as a coach, an official and for producing Serpentimes.
2007Lisa PettitFor being a willing volunteer in many events, as an official in track and field, becoming a coach and organising the New Year’s Day 10K.
2006Jeni VlahovicFor her service to the club, particularly work on major projects whilst on the committee and her professional approach.
2005Sue McGinlay & Clive MartinFor their regular and valuable contributions to the Saturday club runs.
2004Sally Hodge & Richard MelikFor their work on redesigning Serpentimes.
2003David KnightFor his contribution to the club over the past 3 years, particularly in light of how involved he remained with the club even though injured.
2002Maggie Moran, Gemma Hale & Robin AdamsFor taking on the mantle of coaching, following Derek Turner’s departure.
2001Sue McGinlay & Bev ThomasFor their invaluable work and encouragement with the Serpentine Starter Group which has become a valuable part of the club.
2000Ron Hagell & Beate VogtFor the amount of time and energy put into the new bib system, the Race for Life organisation, the Sunday Richmond Park runs, the Round Norfolk Relay and for their encouragement to all members.
1999Owen Barder & Arthur GarrisonFor their work on communications within the club (the web site and Serpentimes respectively).
1998Nick SladeFor his work in organising the Tuesday Hill Sprint sessions and the Green Belt teams.
1997Derek TurnerFor organising the entries to the Seven Sisters Marathon and for his coaching.
1996John Walker 
1995Liz GraigFor being Ladies’ Captain.
1994Bev ThomasFor her work on the Committee and as social secretary.
1993Ros YoungFor her work on the Committee.
1992Barry LaverickFor being Mens’ Captain and for the 100 Club .
1991Hazel Paterson & Mike MaddisonFor, respectively, writing and producing the 10th anniversary book.
1990John RalphFor being Mens’ Captain.
1989Nicky RoswellFor being Ladies’ Captain.
1988Peter WeddellFor starting and producing the weekly newsletter.
1987Hilary Walker 
1986Derek JohnsonFor fartlek sessions in the Hyde Park, the Serpie names circle, rewriting the Rules.

David Simpson Memorial Trophy

David, who was a long-standing Serpentine member, a jog leader and recipient of the John Stonham Trophy in 2007, passed away in 2011 after a long battle with cancer. He was kind enough to leave the club a legacy in his will, a part of which was used to inaugurate the David Simpson Memorial Trophy, awarded on an annual basis for achievement in hill and off road running, both of which were close to David’s heart.

2024Katy Casterton
2023Andrea Sanders-Reece
2021Natasha Sheel
2020Matt Hearne
2019Karen Hancock
2017Phil Bradburn
2016Alan Hall
2015Glenn Hughes
2014Lars Olsen
2013Sarah Pemberton
2012Jane Fanning

Innovation Cup

The Innovation Cup was very generously donated by an anonymous donor for the most innovative, inclusive event organised by the club, as determined by the Chair and Secretary from nominations made by members of the Committee.

2024Hamilton HuxhamFor organising the virtual winter triathlon league
2020Vinh LamThe weekly Zwift Team Time Trials
2019Monica MundoHer “Serpies get together for a Panettone” initiative.
2017Nicola Barberis NegraFor devising and organising the virtual icosathlon