Primrose Hill
Primrose Hill
Primrose Hill, London NW8 7LS

Meet near Albert Gate


Thursday 25th July


7:00 pm

Hills @ Primrose Hill

Meeting point

By the entrance on Albert Road near the crossing next to Primrose Hill Bridge across the Regents Canal. Google Maps location of the meeting point is available here


Due to our limited space, we require ALL participants to pre-register weekly by Wednesday at 9:00 pm by emailing coach Mary Marshall here. The sessions are suitable for runners of all abilities. Note that there are no lockers or changing rooms, so please come ready to run. A warm top and water may also be needed. The ‘street’ lighting on Primrose Hill changes regularly, so sessions will likely be adapted to the lit areas for safety reasons. If you have a head torch you may find it useful.

Session’s objective

Regular Thursday night hill sessions at Primrose Hill include threshold and hill coaching to improve strength, fitness and endurance. The sessions are suitable for all levels and designed to develop your individual running. Individual advice is also provided to ensure you get the most out of each session.

Date:Session’s objective:Workout:Session Lead:Max Capacity:
4 July 2024Fast Finish up hillStart at 150m mark
Run down past usual start point, round small triangle, back up and at the 150m mark sprint 3 lampposts
60 sec rest
6-8 reps
Mary Marshall10
11 July 2024Pyramid Endurance/SpeedRun up to 50m and back to start, run to 100m and back down, run to 150m and back, run 200m and back. Run to 150m, 100m, 50m.
90 sec rest
All at threshold effort/feel.
Repeat this whole up/down 3 times max. Those doing LM or other races 2x is fine.
(Can be reduced for those taking part in races at weekend)
Mary Marshall10
18 July 2024Speed, Endurance & PowerJo Pavey Session:
15 Min Warm up and drills
3x 200m up [@5km effort] walk/jog recovery down
4x 150m up [@5km effort] walk/jog recovery down
5x 100m up [@5km effort] walk/jog recovery down
6x 50m up [@5km effort] walk/jog recovery down
1x 500m up [@5km effort]
Cool down stretches
Prizes to be won!
Mary Marshall10