Hyde Park Serpentine Bar and Kitchen
Hyde Park, Serpentine Rd, London W2 2UH

Outside the main entrance to the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen, at the South Eastern end of the Serpentine Lake



Saturday 13th July


9:00 am

Saturday long run in central London

A club run is a great way to do your weekly long slow distance (LSD) run. The distance run varies by season, it will always be at least 15km and in marathon season will be up to 35km.  If you are looking for a run of less than 15km join our regular Saturday social club runs.  On the longer marathon training runs there will always be drop-off points at well-known landmarks or tube stations for those who want a shorter option. 

As a general rule, these runs start at 09:00 from outside the Serpentine Bar and Kitchen in Hyde Park.  However, to make the most of our beautiful city, from time to time the runs will start and finish in different locations.  At the end of the run there is usually a nominated café or refreshments stop.

All abilities are welcome, with the main groups running between 5:00/km and 6:30/km.  There is no bag drop for these runs, so please come prepared to run, and have enough fuel to last you for the run (there are usually spots to get water and snacks en-route)

If you want more information, please contact Michael Ngo.


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