Serpie Planner - event reports

Vienna Marathon (22 May 2005)

It was announced in the week prior to the race that the start was to be put back 30 mins so ORF (Austrian TV) could fit in the marathon finish with their coverage of the Monaco Grand Prix. This callous act left most runners swealtering during the second half in temperatures approaching 80f in the afternoon sun, and meant that only about 125 cracked three hours out of 8,000 starters. 275 had managed it the year before, from a smaller field of runners.

With a strong breeze blowing from the Saharan desert to the south, it was a like running with a warm hairdrier aimed at your head for three hours..

The course was about as flat as London, with drinks stations about every 5k in the first half and every 2.5k for the second half. Water came in paper cups, so too did the carb drinks (Powerade). Bananas were also on offer at many stations.

At least for the second half the organisers were thoughtful enough to route the race through a tree lined park for about 10k which offered some relief from the sun.

Probably because of TV schedules, talk is that next years race will be held in the first week of May, offering the chance for those failing to get into London a chance perhaps give it a go, in hopefully in more reasonable weather conditions.
report by Paul O'Donnell

Vienna Marathon (07 May 2006)

Feeding stations for carbs and water at every 5k point, with additional water stations laid on in between for the second half. The carb drink was Powerade, with bananas available at the later feeding points.

Wouldn\'t describe it as undulating, but a flat course it certainly isn\'t.

Report by Paul O\'Donnell.