Serpie Planner - event reports

Eridge Park Trail 10M (14 Sep 2008)

Andy Reeves came second overall and Richard Fanning 5th.
The Serpie women came first (Fanning, Ruderman, Thorn) and the men second (Reeves, Fanning, Smith) and eleventh(Simpson, Daniel, Macleod).

Eridge Park Trail 10M (13 Sep 2009)

Andy was 2nd man and Jane 2nd woman.

The vomen finished 1st:
1 Serpentine Running Club (Fanning, Thorn, Crowe)

and the men 5th:
5 Serpentine Running Club (Reeves, Fanning, Olsen)

Eridge Park Trail 10M (11 Sep 2011)

Pouring rain the night before made the 'Cheeky Bog' one of the more dry spots on the course. Miles of mud and good fun on a sunny and warm autumn morning.

Eridge Park Trail 10M (09 Sep 2012)

Andy Reeves was 2nd M40. The Serpie men's team (Hugh Torry, Richard Phillips & Andy Reeves) and women's team (Vic Crawford, Jen Bradley & Sigrid Stangl) finished in 2nd.

Eridge Park Trail 10M (08 Sep 2013)

Andy was 4th over all and 1st V40. The Women were 2nd and the Men 3rd team.