Serpie Planner - event reports

Oakley 20M (20 Mar 2005)

After the fiasco that was Finchley last weekend, where I had dried peas fired at me by the local youths & having water thrown at me by a passing car, it came as a pleasant surprise to run this event in Oakley.

This race was well organised by the Bedford Harriers, in now it's third year of staging this event. The venue where it is held, has plenty of parking spaces in close proximity of the race HQ and it is also where the race

The course itself is quite undulating, running through the tiny villages of Felmersham, Stevington and Pavensham. There were also loads of water stations on route at the 3,6,9,12,15,18 and 19 mile marks.

report by Dean Wheeler

Oakley 20M (01 Apr 2007)

Undulating but not hilly course consisting of a 12 mile and an 8 mile lap. Well marshalled without too much traffic to contend with. Oakley is 3 miles outside Bedford. Recommended, but the weather really wasn't fun - the wind was a really challenge at times, and towards the end the sun was a bit too much.