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Belfast Marathon (05 May 2008)

The weather was unusually good for the marathon this year, starting off cool and getting up to about 20 degrees by midday. Although it's not the most scenic course and has plenty of running on or next to motorways, it does have pretty sections like the path along the river.

Not the flattest course around and there's a long, gradual climb from mile 11 to almost mile 14, but then the second half is mainly downhill or flat

Race report by Ian Sharman

Belfast Marathon (04 May 2009)

Road marathon doing a circuit of the sights of Belfast (re-developed city centre, airport, Falls Road, Shankhill Road, murals, industrial estates, Harland & Wolff shipbuilding cranes, Ormeau Park). One long uphill drag from 12 to 14 miles and then a sharp descent to 16, otherwise pretty flat. Lots of water stations and some energy drink stops. Organisation is generally OK, but the finish is a bit of a mess each year (ends in a park with little separation between finishers, finisheds and other park-users). Belfast is a nice city to visit and overall race is recommended.