Serpie Planner - event reports

Havana Half Marathon (14 Nov 2004)

"What am I doing here?", I thought, as Sally and I stood on the start line at 07:30 having only arrived in Havana at 18:00 the night before. I'm hopeless running first thing in the morning as well.

Anyway, the race got underway and it proved to be a pretty useful tour of the city, starting at the Capitolio building, passing through old Havana and then along the seafront before heading back in a loop through the outskirts of the city, to the old town again for the finish. The course is surprisingly undulating. Those doing the marathon had to do all this again.

About 1000 people did the half-marathon. It was pretty well organised, with plenty of water stations (plus oranges), although it is very dificult to find any information abroad so advance entry is a bit of a challenge.

Bring old running shoes - the locals are desperate for them!

Ian Hodge