Serpie Planner - event reports

Southern Mens League Division 3 (05 May 2007)

The Match result for this Opening Southern League Division 3 South is listed below :

Ealing Southall & Middlesex 148pts
Blackheath & Bromley 138pts
Tunbridge Wells & Langton 119pts
Serpentine 99pts

Southern Mens League Division 3 (23 Jun 2007)

Match Result

1) Victoria Park and Tower Hamlets 168 pts
2) Paddock Wood 116 1/2 pts
3) Serpentine 109 pts
4) Havant 100 1/2 pts

Southern Mens League Division 3 (14 Jul 2007)

Match Result

1) Bexley AC 147pts
2) London Heathside 130pts
3=) Serpentine 108pts
3=) South London Harriers 108pts

Southern Mens League Division 3 (04 Aug 2007)

Match Result

Eastbourne 144pts
Serpentine 125pts
Haywards Heath/Lewes 121pts
Hastings 101pts

Southern Mens League Division 3 (03 May 2008)

This weekend the men's Div 3 team competed not too far from the home
matches taking place in Battersea for Divs 1 and 4. Like a less
favoured middle child we were sent not to Coventry but to Tooting Bec.
Made up of Div 1 wannabes and Div 4 shouldabes our hotch-potch team
coalesced around a captain whose own place on the track, let alone the
team, was in doubt.

Despite set backs, last minute withdrawals and opening day nerves we
came third out of four teams only two points behind the second place
team. Our strengths appeared to lie in the hurdles and the throws which
seems strange for a predominantly road running club! Our talisman on
the day was Jamie Nelson who opened the track events with a win in the
400 hurdles, inspiring his captain to match him in the B race, and going
on to be top scorer for Serpentine. Ashley Kibblewhite came back after
last season's absence injury and paired with Div 4 exile, Alessandro
Brandimarti, to clean up in the throws. It is a pity the hammer did not
take place as I'm certain we could have capitalised on our dominance.
Alessandro may be given a regular slot in Div 3 after this weekend.

Div 3 regulars JT Wong and Richard Philips did whatever was asked of
them, ensuring the team filled every slot. I was also grateful for
newcomers Hunor Albert-Lorincz, Darren Spring and Darren Nicolas for
quickly embracing the Div 3 spirit and ignoring fatigue for the greater
good. All are welcome again and I hope to add some more runners to
their number for our next match which is at home in Battersea on 7 June.

Thanks to everyone who competed.


S London 103
Herne Hill 84
Serpentine 82
Medway & M 75

Southern Mens League Division 3 (07 Jun 2008)

Div 3 managed to come 4th (out of 4), in what I can only describe as THE toughest Div 3 match that I’ve been involved in. The teams ahead of us were really pretty strong, so there’s nothing to be ashamed of with our position. Even if Div 3 hadn’t given up some of our regulars to Div 1, we would still have ended up last. I found myself completely blown out of the water in a 200m race where the three people ahead of me were all significantly faster than the winner of the Div 1 race (the winner of my race clocked 21.7, third clocked 22.1 – whilst the div 1 winner was at 22.6: a huge difference in 200m). However, there were some great performances from Div 3 during the day. Ashley and Alessandro won the A and B string Shot – with Alessandro going over 10m and setting a PB. Eric Phillips set a massive 5k PB (20seconds) at 16.25. Bryan, Louis, Gavin and Abdulrashid all made their Div3 debuts – and put in some pretty decent performances.

Match Result

London Heathside 107
Ealing - 97
Blackheath & B - 93
Serpentine - 58

Southern Mens League Division 3 (28 Jun 2008)

Match results:

1. St Mary's Richmond, 122 pts
2. Bracknell, 89 pts
3. Haywards Heath, 77 pts
4. Serpentine, 60 pts

Southern Mens League Division 3 (12 Jul 2008)

Match Result

1) Serpentine 104 pts
2) Paddock Wood 92 pts
3) Crawley 89 pts
4) Epsom and Ewell 50pts

Southern Mens League Division 3 (02 Aug 2008)

Match Result

1) Eastbourne 104 pts
2) Tunbridge Wells 94 Pts
3) East Grinstead 92 Pts
4) Serpentine 68 Pts

Southern Mens League Division 3 (02 May 2009)

Match Result

1) Serpentine 103 1/2
2) Kingston and Poly 85 1/2
3) Hastings 84 1/2
4) Holland Sports 69 1/2

A big thank you to the Serpie Officials who attended this meeting these being, Lisa Pettit,Jaran Finn, Tom McKelvey and Jennie O'Reilly

Southern Mens League Division 3 (16 May 2009)

Match Result and Report

1)Herne Hill Harriers 110 pts
2)Blackheath & Bromley 107 pts
3)Serpentine Runners 65 pts
4)Bracknell AC 53 pts

This is public thanks to Lisa Pettit and all the other officials and volunteers who
made the double home match on Saturday a success. As one of the competitors it all
seemed to go very smoothly so well done.

I hope you all enjoyed the efforts of the Serpentine athletes, some of whom produced
noteworthy individual efforts of which a few follow. In the Division 3 team utility
man James Nelson continues to do well in whatever he is required to do. As well as
continuing to improve in the hurdles and pole vault he added an impressive triple
jump to complete the set of bogey events. One day the captain might let him compete
in his favourite events. Peter Gibbons continued to sprint well but also
demonstrated he can throw a javelin well when needed. JT postponed his trip to Hong
Kong in order to do the long jump and Andrew Taylor didn't let stitches in the
forehead stop him from the other throws and the 800m.

Despite these and other efforts we faced tough competition and I was pleased with
third place. The season has started well and I hope to field another strong team at
the next match on 6 June in Horsham. Having said "strong" I will settle for
"willing" so why not join in?

Thanks again to all who are helping out this season.

Div 3 captain

Southern Mens League Division 3 (06 Jun 2009)

Match Result

1) Tunbridge Wells & Langton 105pts
2) East Grinstead 98.5pts
3) Serpentine 95pts
4) Queens Park Harriers 54.5pts

Match Report;

Thanks to everyone that came out on Saturday. Thanks especially to Lisa and
Catherine for coming out to officiate.
The Div 3 team was a little depleted but we came a very respectable 3rd, and
just a mere 3 1/2 points behind 2nd. And ahead of our friends QPH.
I¹m pleased to report we took 1st places in the A string 800m, A&B 1500m,
A&B 5k, A&B Steeplechase and B string 400m.

It was an interesting day for me to act as stand-in captain. Good news came
in the form of the pole vault being cancelled due to part of the host¹s
stand being broken. Bad news came in the form of a no-show and Nick
Barberis¹s head colliding with one of the high jump upstands. Lucky for Nick
(and the rest of us), new recruit, Manuel, drove down with his wife and son,
who kindly took Nick to hospital. The other downside of this was Manuel¹s
family missing him win the A string 800m in flying form. We¹re looking
forward to seeing more of Manuel in the future as he showed himself to be
both willing and versatile on the track (taking on the 800, 400, 200 and the
4x4 relay).

Simon Barrett, who came to do only the 5k, won that, along with the 1500m.
Eric Phillips, suffering from glandular fever, seemed to race most of the
events on the track and won the steeplechase as well as his string of the
1500 and 5k. And he ran a storming 1st leg in the 4x100m relay.
Roger Coyle came out for a half day and was willing to do anything, winning
the B 400m along the way.
Pete Gibbons came out with some solid performances (bizarrely) in the
throwing events.
Lippy and Ashley brought us 2nds and 3rds in the throws ­ against what
seemed to be a monster hammer thrower from East Grinstead.
Ebrima, solid as ever, won his string in the 800m and steeplechase.

Last event of the day was a very exciting 4x400m relay. Manuel, led out with
a strong 1st leg taking us into 2nd at the first changeover; Simon pushed
out and overtook the leader on the back straight and giving me a 30m lead
over the East Grinstead team; I thought I could hear the East Grinstead
runner on the back straight so kept pushing round to hand Eric about an 80m
lead for the final leg. At 250m, Eric still had about 80m on the next
runner (Dan Medcalf from East Grinstead ­ and winner of the 100 and 200m
races). At that point, Simon Barrett said to me ³he¹d do well to lose it
with that lead². In the next few seconds we saw Eric¹s lead diminish to
around 30m as he came on to the final straight. At this point, Serpie
spectators were on their feet in the stands shouting, and the rest of the
relay team was sweating at the finish line, screaming ourselves hoarse.
Eric must have noticed his lead shrinking as he pushed his was to win the
race (with an exhausted Dan about 3 meters behind him). Afterwards, Eric
commented: ³you didn¹t really think he was going to catch me, did you?² - to
which quite a few people replied ­ ŒYES!¹ But he didn¹t.

Fantastic way to finish a great match.

Southern Mens League Division 3 (01 Aug 2009)

Match Result ;

1)South London Harriers 116pts
2)Medway and Maidstone 88.5pts
3)Horsham Blue Star 73.5pts
4)Serpentine 38pts

Southern Mens League Division 3 (01 May 2010)

Match Result ;

1) Dacorum & Tring AC 103pts
2) Belgrave Harriers 83pts
3) Peterborough 79pts
4) Serpentine 71pts

Southern Mens League Division 3 (15 May 2010)

Match Result ;

1) Watford Harriers 110.5 pts
2) Serpentine 95 pts
3) Braintree 78 pts
4) London Heathside 56.5 pts

Southern Mens League Division 3 (05 Jun 2010)

Match Result ;

1) Harlow 96pts
2) Havering 95pts
3) Barnet 80pts
4) Serpentine 71pts

Southern Mens League Division 3 (10 Jul 2010)

Match Result ;

1) Wycombe Phoenix 108pts
2) Serpentine 91pts
3) Marshall Milton Keynes 85pts
4) Loughton 34pts

The Pole vault competition at this meeting was abandoned due to an injury to a vaulter in practice prior to the competition starting. Each team received 2.5pts for both A and B String.

Some of the results do not appear on the website currently as those sent to the power of 10 are not showing times, this will be rectified in the next few days.

Southern Mens League Division 3 (31 Jul 2010)


Bedford & County: 109
Hunts AC: 100
WSAS/Diss: 95
Serpentine: 38