Serpie Planner - event reports

Luton Marathon Relay (05 Dec 1999)

It was hard to come out to Luton the morning after the night before (Serpie Christmas Party). The oh so usual questions popped up: WHY? Well, we would soon find out.
A 10am start at this very cold and beautifully clear day meant that we had icy patches on the road to deal with. Marathoners completed three laps of this scenic, very undulating route over paths, country roads and wooded trails. Relayers ran one lap each. Nick found out that the laps were uneven - 8.55 miles for first, 8.85 miles for second and 8.75 miles for the third leg. I still don’t know how he managed to measure that. He claims a mile marker told him????
John Jarvis, Zelah Lewis-Morall and Hilary Walker went off for the full thing. After re-shuffling the team composition a few times, Grethe, Owen, Kathleen, Jane Thompson and Richard Wisdom started the relays. Owen came in first, closely followed by Grethe (they had to run first and dash off to a wedding in the South later that day), Jane, Kathleen and Richard. Off went the Street’s, Jackie Reid, a brand new fast female member whom Nick brought along, myself and Carole, who showed a notable changeover technique with her husband, clapping off and simultaneously performing a sandwich dance with a nearby marshal, all nearly ending up on the floor. Nick, Rokea (who meanwhile arrived safely with Maggie), Maggie, Elaine Smith and David Lipscomb ran the last legs. We all finished close to each other, Elaine passing Maggie on the finishing stretch.
We were very pleased with the results. Zelah was 2nd lady, Hilary 2nd Vet (1st V45), John 2nd V55 and our first ladies team came 2nd. It was a beautiful day. I guess that’s WHY. We just hope that they don’t schedule it after our Christmas Party again.
Nick Slade and Beate Vogt

Luton Marathon Relay (03 Dec 2000)

Huge apologies for the delay in the publishing of this race report. I received the final results when I arrived home on New Years Day.
Although almost a month ago, the Luton Marathon and Relay Race remains vivid in memory. The running conditions were great, the course was lovely and the best thing was the amount of serpies that attended. 3 brave individuals (Gary Dench, Derek Watson and Gerard Hague-Holmes) entered the marathon and 9 teams entered the relay race (consisting of 3 team members).
The first leg of the relay and the Marathon started at 10am. So for some it was a more relaxed and later start. There was a slight scrabble at 9.30 when we were about to register the team members we realised we needed date of births …..hmm very interesting. A few phone calls to team members starting later, momentary panic, the dilemma was sorted and by 9.50 all the teams were registered and the marathoners and first legs were gearing up at the start line.
The course, was 3 laps of 8.76 miles (1lap per leg of the relay). It was largely in a rural setting along country roads that were very quite and gave great views of the surrounding countryside. Only by straining could you see the urban build up of Luton itself. Despite the rural setting, support was good along the route, especially from the point of refreshments and at the team change over. Slight difficulties were experienced by runners entering and leaving the area for relay change over, with people getting in the way and warming up for their leg. But generally the race was extremely well organised from start to finish. The number of marshals was very impressive.

Due to difficulties at the last minute, 2 team members were unable to attend the race, so a special mention must go to Paul Ashworth who having completed the second leg in his team, went on to complete the 3rd leg for one of the other teams. Also Peter ?? who completed the third leg for one of the female teams. He turned up to support and ended up borrowing kit. Thanks very much Peter and Paul.
Mention must also go to Owen Barder, who, after completing his running leg, went on to cycle the last leg as a sweeper.
Thank you very much to everyone that took part, I am looking forward to Luton again this year!!

Luton Marathon Relay (18 Nov 2012)

Vic ran first leg, Claire the 2nd and Siobhan the last for Team 'Ladybirds'

Jeannette ran first leg, Val the 2nd and Catharine the last for Team 'Ladies in Red'