Serpie Planner - event reports

Trentham Big Half (29 Jul 2007)

Us mid-packers don’t get out pot hunting too often – we tend to see it as an elitist past-time requiring the wearing of tweed and the possession of an uncle who went to school with Lord Mountbatten. But if you go to Staffordshire you’ll find that pots are two-a-penny. What am I on about? Not marine bearings any more but the Middle Distance Club champs in Trentham which quite surprised me by not being the horrible race that I thought it was going to be. The sun shone, the lake wasn’t a poisonous cess pit, the bike was an aerobar fest (for those who haven’t attached their aerobars with rubber bands; more later) and the run was a really nice out and back along the lake shore.

So your new, slightly red-faced, club champions are Julie Payne (Aus) who decided the day before to do it as a long training session (the mark of a true pot hunter – but you don’t have to be posh to hunt pots in Australia) and Neil Melville (Sco) whose first name actually means ‘champion’ but that is a fact usually escaping the providers of prizes.

As I said last week, this didn’t get a huge Serp turnout, but runners up, and doing their first middle distance races were Juho Lahdenpera (Fin) and Paul Brennan (Aus). Well done guys. You might have seen Rachel’s plea to find the keys to her bike last week? Well that stayed locked in the shop with its AWOL owner un-contactable so she dropped back to the classic distance race on a borrowed bike with tribar mostly held on by wings and prayers. Nadya DNF’d towards the end of the run but, although she wasn’t quite seeing it this way at the end of yesterday, she ought to feel proud of her progress towards her Ironman goal next year.