Serpie Planner - event reports

Clarendon Way Marathon & Relay (07 Oct 2012)

A chilly, misty morning in Salisbury saw about 400 individual runners line up at the start for this trail marathon to Winchester along the Clarendon Way. The route was a pretty trip through the Wiltshire and Hampshire countryside on a mixture of single track trail, some field paths and a very small amount of rural road. With a few long hills - mainly in the second half - it was a challenging course and the relay meant fresh-legged runners joined three times, with a half marathon option also available. It was muddy, very slippy in places but given the rain of this week not quite as bad as expected. Eight water stations provided the chance to throw water and orange juice up your nose from cups and there were bananas and jelly babies to keep us going. Some support in the couple of villages and very supportive marshals from the rotary club made it a lovely well-organised and low-key marathon, highly recommended. If South West Trains don't cancel trains it is possible to get to by public transport from London on the morning for the 10:30am start; if trains are cancelled I now know a very quick Reading cab company!