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St Albans Fred Hughes 10M (30 Jan 2005)

Short Report - Being too close to the club championship half marathon could have been the reason for such a poor turnout from club members for this event. This was a shame as the course is fast and flat and certainly offers great pb potential. There was one short hill at mile four but this was very short and over before you realised you were running up an incline. The course itself is mainly on country roads / cycle paths with the odd curb and bollard to negotiate, it loops around a fair amount so there are also a few very tight turns. However, the event was well organised and friendly with good facilities (showers etc) and the weather was good for the time of year, cold but dry. I even took advantage of the sports massage service on offer which was well worth the small donation requested.

report by Robin Gray

St Albans Fred Hughes 10M (21 Jan 2007)

In what I\'m told was one of the closest and most exciting races for a while (I didn\'t see the leaders from where I was in the pack!) Barney Southin, Andrew Reeves and Ian Druce swapped the lead numerous times at the 10mile race in St. Albans today. With two runners from other clubs also in the mix it was anyone\'s bet who\'d win right up to the last 200m. In the end, Barney out-sprinted them all and took 1st place in the race, with Andy 4th and Ian 5th. In all, 8 Serpies finished under 60mins and those three guys plus Martin Gaunt took the team prize.

In the women\'s race, the winner also ran under 1 hour with several women not far behind. Louisa Ruderman, continuing her recent of good form, set a new PB to take the women\'s club championship. Along with Karine Pradier, Jane Fanning and Claire Imrie they were 2nd placed women\'s team.

Unusually, this race has a prize for 1st mixed team and it\'ll come as no surprise that we also won this one!

Finally, David McGregor won the V50 trophy.

St Albans Fred Hughes 10M (20 Jan 2008)

Joint female winners! Note that our results use the chip times (to be fair to those towards the middle and back of the race) and these place Helen ahead of Karine by 1sec, however Karine crossed the line a shoulder ahead of Helen so we've declared a draw.
Karine will place higher in the club championship table since her age-grading is higher.

St Albans Fred Hughes 10M (24 Jan 2010)

This year saw some changes. The new race HQ at St Columbas College was much closer to the centre of St Albans and the railway stations than the previous HQ and offered much improved parking. The route was also new (or to be more exact a reversion to an older route). It avoided the very narrow start which characterised the previous route. We left urban St Albans almost immediately and emerged into the countryside. A couple of miles out the route switched into an interesting double loop, first east then west, before doubling back to the start. The most notable difference was that this year's course was quite hilly, which made it a suitably challenging addition to the early stages of a marathon training programme. By the time we had walked back to the race HQ from the finish the results were already being posted up on the wall, which was impressive. It was a pity that the chip timing only worked at the finish and not at the start, but the wider starting area helped to minimise the lost seconds resulting from that. All in all a fine race, well organised and well marshalled and fun to run.

St Albans Fred Hughes 10M (21 Jan 2018)

Marta Bagnati - 1st Lady
Milan Misak - 3rd Man, 3rd Overall

Team wins for both Men and Women - well done!

Chip timed results uploaded 22/Jan 13:00.

St Albans Fred Hughes 10M (19 Jan 2020)

Due to flooding on sections of the 10mi course, a two lap alternative course was used (as per 2017)

St Albans Fred Hughes 10M (21 Jan 2024)

Bib = Position Open or Female categories