Serpie Planner - event reports

Sunday League 5M (13 Jan 2008)

Race distance reported to be 5.3 miles.

Sunday League 5M (17 Feb 2008)

The women’s team finished first.

The men’s team finished 4th.

Sunday League 5M (26 Oct 2008)

Venue: Cheshunt Country Park. Host club: Broxbourne Runners. Combined men's and women's race. Race distance reported to be c.5.6 miles.

Sunday League 5M (16 Nov 2008)

Race distance reported as c.5.7 miles

Sunday League 5M (04 Jan 2009)

The final Sunday League race will be on 8 February in Cassiobury Park, Watford.

Sunday League 5M (25 Oct 2009)

Full results are on

Sunday League 5M (22 Nov 2009)

The race was held at Rowney Warren, Chicksands, Beds. Well maintained paths through Forestry Commission woodland. Three undulating laps.

Sunday League 5M (03 Jan 2010)

Race distance c.5.5 miles.

Sunday League 5M (24 Oct 2010)

Venue: Cheshunt Country Park.

Full results are on

Sunday League 5M (21 Nov 2010)

Venue was Chicksands Woods, Bedfordshire. Race distance c. 5.5 miles. Full results on

Sunday League 5M (16 Jan 2011)

Venue: Cassiobury Park, Watford. Race distance c.5.5 miles. Full race results on

Sunday League 5M (13 Feb 2011)

Venue, Royston. Race distance c.5.5 miles

Full results on

Sunday League 5M (23 Oct 2011)

What a brilliant day and what a great Serpie turnout.

The first Sunday League race was blessed with fine weather - sunny, very
warm, and dry underfoot. Despite the early start, the race attracted the
usual crowd of around 300 runners. The course, described as 'gently
undulating', is an ideal opening race. It is a warm-up for some of the
'not-so-gently' undulating races to come later in the season.

At the start of the race, teams combined efforts to produce a pear puree,
as 600 feet (just a few spiked) charged through some ill-fated windfalls.
Then concentration resumed, and runners jostled for position in the single
file string of runners that is often seen in cross country races. Cheshunt
Park offers a very open course, so at most points in the race you can see
these colourful strings of club colours stretching out ahead (speaking
from my perspective - not if you're at the front).

I was very pleased to see many of previous seasons' regular runners
return, and also to welcome many newcomers. We totalled 24 Serpie runners
and a guest runner (we're working on him, next race...).

Our numbers enabled us to form two ladies and two men's teams. Our Ladies
'A' team finished fourth, and our 'B' team finished second. The men's 'A'
and 'B' teams each finished 8th. This may be due to a high proportion of
vet men, compared to other clubs. This reflects favourably in our vet
men's excellent third place.

Well done all.


Sunday League 5M (20 Nov 2011)

Venue: Trent Park, Cockfosters.

Distance: c. 5.1 miles.

The next Sunday League race is on 11 December in Cassiobury Park, Cockfosters, starting at 10.30am.

For our second race this season, we were treated to a trail run around
Trent Park.

We were led home in Noble style, with our first Serpie taking third place
in the race. He was one of several who had competed the previous day,
including back for Moregan who Ward-ed off our next man, who was
disappointed with his run. Encouraged by French cries of 'Allez, Al E',
our next contender went for it in his first ever Sunday League race.

Our next newcomer came fourth in the ladies race, Dennenying her closest
rival by just one second. The next runners to be caJoeled towards the
finish line were Eyre-ily close behind her. The A.M. drew on and the next
man's Timing placed him comfortably in the men's 'A' team.

Our second lady Wended her way skilfully around the course. Then after
great Will and Long effort, two more of our ladies finally approached the
home straight. I was overtaken on the last uphill, but found reserve Sacks
of energy. My team mate Valiantly let re-me pass and a permanent change in
positions was Notton. The next runners applied every Gra'm of muscle, with
a successful S.A. to grab the final place in the ladies 'A' team.

We watched more of our team Steph into view, and by George they did well.
No-one's performance is to be Smiffed at. The sky was still Philled with
mist, but the end was in sight for our T'ri athlete. When Wouldcock
emerge? We Hodged our bets as we were offered no Clewes.

We were Robbed of some of our regulars on Sunday, and without Hindsight my
team trophy hopes took some Knox. I Jenuinely look forward to your return,
and to seeing the first-timers again at the next race.


Sunday League 5M (19 Feb 2012)

Venue: Royston. Race distance c. 5.5 miles.

Full results are on

On Sunday a dedicated team of Serpies headed up to Royston for the final Sunday League race of the season. Travelling to this venue required some determination. Those of us who took the train faced grossly elongated journeys due to engineering works. The others had a long drive.

Getting to the start line was tough, but paled into insignificance once we saw the challenging landscape ahead. This course comprises unrelenting hills. As soon as we reached the bottom of one, they sent us back up, often on an alternative route up the same hill we'd just come down.

Sarah led the Serpies home, three minutes ahead of our first Serpie man, Ian. Alex generously allowed everyone an eight minute headstart, but still overtook most of our team, encouraging us as he passed. I think everyone did really well just to survive and complete this race.

End of season congratulations are due to Ebrima Noble who won the M40 category, and to Wendy Vandoolaeghe who was second senior lady for this season.

This season our runners comprised several loyal regulars, many of whom ran four races. Val, George and myself ran all five. Others joined us for one or two races, which you all said you enjoyed, so I hope you'll be back for more next season. Sadly we lost would-be regulars, Rob and David, to injury. We wish you all the best for future seasons.

Huge thanks to Malcolm French and his team of volunteers who organise the Sunday League races and compile the results for us; all the host clubs and their marshals for their superb courses and support on the day; Gowan Clews for handing out the discs at the finish of every race.

Well done to everyone involved, and I look forward to seeing you all next season.

Serpie Sunday League organiser

Sunday League 5M (28 Oct 2012)

Venue: Cheshunt Park

Sunday League 5M (25 Nov 2012)

Venue - Grovelands Park, Southgate.

Race distance c.5.3 miles

Sunday League 5M (09 Dec 2012)

Venue - St Albans. Course distance c. 5.5 miles.

Full results on

Sunday League 5M (13 Jan 2013)

Venue - Royston

Race distance c.5.5 miles

Full results are on

This season's final race will be on Sunday, 17 February in Cassiobury Park, Watford, starting at 10.30am

Sunday League 5M (08 Dec 2013)

Full results are on

The next race will be on Sunday, 12 January at Royston.

Sunday League 5M (12 Jan 2014)

Venue: Royston. Distance reported as being c.5.5 miles.

Full results on and Power of 10.

The final race for this season will be in Cassiobury Park, Watford on Sunday, 16 February starting at 10.30am.

Sunday League 5M (11 Jan 2015)

Venue - Trent Park

Full results on

Sunday League 5M (18 Oct 2015)

Venue - Cheshunt Country Park.

The next race will be on Sunday, 22 November in Trent Park, Cockfosters.

Full race results are on

Sunday League 5M (22 Nov 2015)

Venue: Trent Park, Cockfosters
Full results are on

Sunday League 5M (23 Oct 2016)


Sunday League 5M (13 Nov 2016)


Sunday League 5M (18 Dec 2016)

Race venue, Willian, nr Letchworth

Sunday League 5M (29 Oct 2017)

Cheshunt Park

Sunday League 5M (12 Nov 2017)

Venue - Trent Park

The next race is on Sunday, 17 December at Willian, near Letchworth. Early race start at 10.00am.

Sunday League 5M (17 Dec 2017)

Venue - Willian.

The next race will be on Sunday, 14 January in Cassiobury Park, Watford, starting at 10.30am.

Sunday League 5M (02 Dec 2018)

Venue: Trent Park, Cockfosters.
More photos on

Sunday League 5M (16 Dec 2018)

Venue: Fairlands Valley, Stevenage.

Sunday League 5M (20 Oct 2019)

Venue: Cheshunt Park

WWomen A Teams
Trent Park Rc 21 19
Fairlands Vs 122 18
Harpenden Arrows 129 17
St Albans Striders 161 16
Royston Runners 165 15
Tri London 171 14
Team Trident 174 13
Garden City Runners 197 12
Watford Joggers 237 11
East London Runners 238 10
London Heathside 301 9
Wheathampstead Warriors 339 8
Ealing Eagles 346 7
Edmonton Rc 404 6
Bishops Stortford Rc 418 5
Serpentine 509 4
Broxbourne Runners 849 3
Herts Phoenix 850 2
Freedom Tri 915 0

Women B Teams
Trent Park Rc 76 19
St Albans Striders 199 18
Royston Runners 213 17
Fairlands Vs 217 16
Tri London 229 15
Harpenden Arrows 276 14
Garden City Runners 301 13
East London Runners 314 12
Watford Joggers 383 11
Ealing Eagles 481 10

Women Masters Teams
Harpenden Arrows 58 19
Trent Park Rc 73 18
St Albans Striders 90 17
Watford Joggers 93 16
Garden City Runners 116 15
Fairlands Vs 120 14
Tri London 122 13
East London Runners 124 12
Royston Runners 127 11
Ealing Eagles 144 10
Team Trident 159 9
London Heathside 169 8
Bishops Stortford Rc 172 7
Serpentine 209 6
Edmonton Rc 233 5
Wheathampstead Warriors 316 4
Broxbourne Runners 487 3
Freedom Tri 549 0
Herts Phoenix 549 0

Men A Teams
Trent Park Rc 141 19
Watford Joggers 199 18
Royston Runners 241 17
Garden City Runners 286 16
St Albans Striders 301 15
Fairlands Vs 474 14
Harpenden Arrows 481 13
East London Runners 608 12
Freedom Tri 805 11
Tri London 966 10
Team Trident 1007 9
Edmonton Rc 1134 8
Bishops Stortford Rc 1180 7
Serpentine 1216 6
Ealing Eagles 1449 5
London Heathside 1569 4
Broxbourne Runners 1746 3
Wheathampstead Warriors 1948 2
Herts Phoenix 2045 1

Men B Teams
Trent Park Rc 246 19
Garden City Runners 403 18
Royston Runners 423 17
St Albans Striders 445 16
Fairlands Vs 871 15
Harpenden Arrows 957 14
East London Runners 1041 13
Watford Joggers 1044 12

Men Masters Teams
Watford Joggers 82 19
Royston Runners 100 18
Trent Park Rc 106 17
Fairlands Vs 142 16
Garden City Runners 196 15
St Albans Striders 205 14
Harpenden Arrows 287 13
Freedom Tri 349 12
East London Runners 373 11
Serpentine 519 10
Edmonton Rc 530 9
Tri London 604 8
London Heathside 669 7
Bishops Stortford Rc 710 6
Ealing Eagles 719 5
Team Trident 777 4
Broxbourne Runners 797 3
Wheathampstead Warriors 1021 2
Herts Phoenix 1029 1

Combined Teams
Trent Park Rc 162
Royston Runners 406
Watford Joggers 436
St Albans Striders 462
Garden City Runners 483
Fairlands Vs 596
Harpenden Arrows 610
East London Runners 846
Tri London 1137
Team Trident 1181
Edmonton Rc 1538
Bishops Stortford Rc 1598
Freedom Tri 1720
Serpentine 1725
Ealing Eagles 1795
London Heathside 1870
Wheathampstead Warriors 2287
Broxbourne Runners 2595
Herts Phoenix 2895

Sunday League 5M (01 Dec 2019)

Venue: Trent Park

Please email any corrections to Malcolm French at

Sunday League 5M (22 Dec 2019)

Venue: Fairlands Valley Park

Sunday League 5M (17 Oct 2021)

Venue - Cheshunt

Sunday League 5M (12 Dec 2021)

Venue - Trent Park, Cockfosters

Please email any corrections to Malcolm French at

Sunday League 5M (19 Dec 2021)

Venue: Fairlands Valley Park, Stevenage.

Please email any corrections to Malcolm French at

Sunday League 5M (16 Oct 2022)

Venue: Cheshunt Park
Please send any results queries Malcolm French on

Sunday League 5M (30 Oct 2022)

Venue: Trent Park

Sunday League 5M (15 Oct 2023)

Venue - Cheshunt

Sunday League 5M (05 Nov 2023)

Venue: Trent Park